Badtameez Dil 28th August 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Meher and Tunnu celebrating Raksha Bandhan. Tunnu says he has no gift to give Meher, but only a promise that one day he’ll make her proud. As he and Suman leave to eat, Meher tries very awkwardly to express her gratitude to Abeer. Abeer teases her about her struggle to thank him. They banter back and forth till she finally says thanks.

At night, Suman leaves her room to check on Tunnu and finds him sitting in the living room, stricken with fear and worry. Suman asks him what’s the matter and he breaks down and starts crying into her lap. He confesses all his wrongdoings and Suman is shocked to hear that he has mortgaged the house. She slaps him and expresses her disappointment. Tunnu asks for forgiveness but Suman doesn’t know if she can forgive him for so many mistakes – for betraying the trust of the family, for gambling, for losing the house. Abeer wakes up and hears their conversation. He assures Suman he’ll take care of the money, but Suman refuses saying that even though she considers him a son, it’s Meher’s house and knowing that Abeer has helped her in saving it will hurt her pride. Tunnu asks Suman to keep this matter from Meher or she’ll kill him, and Suman agrees but tells him that he never could understand his sister, because she would give her life for the family. She will manage somehow. She hopes Tunnu has learnt his lesson.

Next morning, Suman gives the jewellery she has saved over the years to Abeer, telling him to mortgage it for at least 15 lakhs or so. They would pay the remaining in installments. Abeer refuses and tries to protest but Suman convinces him. He reluctantly agrees. Meher comes looking for Suman and overhears Abeer saying Meher ko pata nahin chalega. Abeer saves the situation with his quick wit. Suman is worried about Meher but Meher assures her she is fine. Abeer sets off, but not before taking a promise from Suman that she’ll stop worrying and ruining her health.

Abeer asks Nisaar to get his bank statement and meet him. They realized they only have Abeer’s 11 lakhs and Nissar’s 8, which is not even close to the amount. Abeer finally calls up a Mr. Kulkarni and signs a document to sell his shares from his father’s company for 60 lakhs(which were apparently worth 80 lakhs). He asks Nissar to put Suman’s jewellery in a locker which he’ll return to her later. Nisaar asks Abeer why he is doing this, and Abeer replies he doesn’t know why, but will tell him the minute he finds out.

Shyam the creep once again barges into the house and Suman is visibly pissed at him. He starts lamenting about the events of the previous day, saying both sons have ruined the family and that she should take care of Tunnu. Suman who’s cutting vegetables points the knife at him and yells at him to get out, saying just because she’s quiet doesn’t mean she’s helpless. She shuts the door on Shyam’s face.
Abeer and Tunnu return home with the documents of the house.

Precap : Kuber screams at the employees, enquiring who has sold the shares for such less money. The employee replies, “Abeer sir.”

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