Manmarziyan 29th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika asking Mala and Dada ji to what will she disagree. Dada ji makes excuses and tells about her earpain, asking her to clean his ear. Radhika asks Mala to say. Mala says someone is coming to meet you today. Radhika says she does not want to meet anyone, she will not marry. Mala asks her to settle down. Radhika says she won’t marry. Mala asks her to tell that person herself. The door bell rings. Mala asks Radhika to come. Radhika says she can’t love anyone else and recalls Arjun.

Arjun come to her while she picks the papers blown by air. She says she won’t come and asks Mala to go. He looks at her. Khwaishon pe likhi……………plays………………. He smiles and comes close to her. He holds her. He says your life is like blank paper Radhika, you are incomplete without ink of love. She turns and looks at Arjun. He asks why did she not marry. She says I m willing to marry, someone is coming to see me today. He asks such will with someone else’s signs. She sees mangalsutra and says I was removing it. He asks her to remove and give him. She turns and asks why did he come here.

He says I have to come to take whats mine. She says he can get other mangalsutra in Mumbai and asks him to go. He says he will go after taking his things. She says she has got her everything here. He holds her face and says you can’t lie well even today, if you got your everything, why do you make me feel your presence all the time……………… he asks why is her name in all his talk, why does his every moment wish to have her, I love you Radhika.

He says you left me and came here, but I could not leave you. She says Sam loves you. He says Sam does not love me. She asks then…. He smiles and says where there’s Samandar Singh, there is her idiot too. Sam eats food and Neil enters Radhika’s home. He says wife is resting when husband is working. Sam tells Dada ji about her choice, asking if he is good. Dada ji asks Neil does he know to clean ears. Neil asks what. They all laugh. Dada ji says love is great when there is friendship intact in it. Mala says she will get Radhika. Sam says let them be, even Lord should not come between husband and wife.

Radhika asks Neil? Arjun says Neil… no one knows how love happens, look at me, I fell in love with my way’s stones, I have my heart to my problem. Khwaishon pe likhi……………plays……………… He holds her close and kisses her. She says Sir… He says Arjun…. Just Arjun. She says Arjun and he hugs her.

After two years, scene shifts in Mumbai, Radhika wakes up Arjun romantically. He hugs her and she reminds him the schedule. He says he is getting best copywriter award today. He says you never used to take my name, and now whenever you call, you scold me and call. She says Arjun… and combs her hair. He says just name will not work now, and holds her close. Sam is sleeping. Neil wakes her up and she greets him good morning. He says now this is yours, and handsover the puppy….. They think what to name it, and suggest like Nesam, or Apple.

Arjun, Radhika, Sam and Neil come to Birdsong and greet Piyali. They all work together. Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale……………….plays…………. Arjun puts sugar in his coffee and they laugh seeing him. Some light moments while working are shown. Sam and Neil fight. Arjun and Radhika stop them. They discuss about work, while the title song plays in BG. They all hug and smile.

The show ended with a cheerful scene in Birdsong depicting their happy lives.. .

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