Tere Sheher Mein 29th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya seeing Rama. Rama asks her what did Rachita say, is she annoyed with anything. Amaya says no, nothing like that, actually she is very tired, she could not sleep well, I was adamant to make her dance, so she scolded me, its fine she is elder. Rama says I m worried, I m feeling am I suitable and deserving for Rachita. Amaya says no, its not like that and holds her hand. Dimple sees them and asks what are they doing here, and asks Amaya to get Rama. Amaya asks Rama not to worry, she knows what to do, she will meet her on terrace and solve her problem, trust me.

Nani creates a scene. Gajanand apologizes. Sumitra insults them and Sneha asks what is she saying. Gajanand asks Sneha to leave answering them. Sumitra talks to Dev and tells him about the scene here. She asks him the secret, and says Rama is falling more for Rachita, are you fooling me or using me to take revenge from Gajanand, if I lose, then see. He asks her to calm down, and meet him in lane ahead of Chobey Nivaas.

Amaya talks to Rama and he says now see how I impress Rachita. They have a talk and hold hands, while Amaya is telling him about Rachita. Sneha sees them and thinks why are they meeting here alone, what will people think seeing them. Dev meets Sumitra, and says he can one big secret that can insult Gajanand. He tells her that Rachita is not Rishi Mathur’s daughter. Gajanand is also there.

Sumitra gets shocked and asks whose daughter is Rachita. He asks her to create a big scene. Gajanand sees them and hides to hear him. Sumitra says what a great news, see how I insult Gajanand tomorrow, I will blacken Sneha and Rachita’s face. He asks her to go. She leaves and Dev leaves too. Gajanand gets thinking. Sumitra thinks to not tell anything now and avoids talking to Gajanand. She says she will not say anything, and she will talk tomorrow. They all leave.

Its morning, Gajanand and Pushpa attend the puja. The pandit says puja is completed now. Gajanand says he is going out, and Pushpa asks why is he worried, he can have food and go. He says its imp and goes. Amaya asks him to come, he has to tie black thread to Rachita. He says he has imp work. She says Sneha is calling and asks him to come. He asks why is she adamant always, he said he has imp work and goes. She says what happened to Nana ji.

Amaya thinks she has to bring Rachita and Rama closer, but how, I will buy a good gift for Rachita and give it to Rama, Rachita will like it to receive from his side. Gajanand is on the way and recalls Sumitra’s words. Gajanand calls someone. Rama tells Mantu that he will get married to Rachita today. Mantu says yes, its big day for me too and thinks Amaya will answer me will she love me or not, I can’t wait more. Gajanand calls Dev to know what he wants and calls at his office. Manish says Dev has gone out of city, the factory has network problem.

Manish then calls Dev and says he has told Gajanand like Dev told him. Sumitra talks to photographers and reporters and asks them to come to Chobey Nivaas in evening, they will get big news. Gajanand looks on worried and asks Mannu to call Sumitra. Sumitra goes to Gajanand and he says he wants to talk to her right now. Amaya gets the gift. Mantu asks what is she doing here. She says she got a gift for Rachita and has to give Rama, did he see him. Mantu says Rama went there. She says thanks and goes. Mantu says she is so busy in Rachita’s marriage, its fine, I will wait for sometime.

Gajanand tells Sumitra that he knows what she is going to do, why did she call reporters, whats happening. She asks why is he eager to know. He says I have seen you hiding and talking to Dev, Rachita and Rama are getting tied in pure relation of marriage. Amaya comes there and hears them. Sumitra scolds Gajanand, and says you are attacking on our respect. Bua, Nani and Mohini look on. Sumitra says you have hidden big secret, I will tell everyone. He asks what did I hide. She asks him not to act innocent, as if he does not know anything, I know Rachita’s truth, she is not Rishi’s daughter. Amaya gets shocked.

Gajanand gets worried. Sumitra says Rachita is Sneha’s illegitimate child, whose father is not known, you are such a cheap and cheat man. Amaya cries. Sumitra says when Rachita comes in bridal wear, then I will expose this truth infront of everyone, everyone will know this, then you will lose respect, Sneha too will get insulted and baraat will go back.

Gajanand begs to Sumitra and asks her to keep this a secret. Sumitra says they will deal and says her conditions. Amaya cries and looks on.

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