Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 31st August 2015 Written Episode

Naviya is on the radio station and has started the show. Her boss does not like her and sys that why did her hire her and forward her appointment letter he says that she does not have the skills and knocks on the door to say to her to play a song because it is not a youth show.
Nandhani is dressing up and is about to leave when her uncle stops and asks as to where she is going and she says that says that she has organized a party because it is Manik’s birthday and she wants to celebrate it he says that her aunt has cooked something special and he thought that they will have dinner together but it is alright and they will have it tomorrow.
Dhruv is getting scolded by his boss who asks him about why the song is incomplete but he says that he needs more time and that songs are written by emotion and so he should wait a little longer. The boss gets angry and says that he has been working for a small time and has got so many attitudes Dhruv hearing this gets angry and leaves.
Harshad is reading some texts and Aaliya comes and snatches it from him and sys that why is he reading them and who gave him the authority to check her phone. He says that he is happy that she got a job and that she will gain a lot of heights in this field but she pushes him away and says that she does not want him to worry about her and she will do everything without him and she is happy where she is and does not want to compete with anyone.
Mukti is walking in her hall and when she hears a baby crying and rushes back to make him stop but he does not and even after trying for so hard she is not able to make him stop crying. After a whileshe senses an awful smell and realizes it’s the baby’s poop she throws the dipper but does not change it and trys to avoid him but is not able to and suddenly Naviya comes who changes the dipper and the baby goes to sleep.
Both of them start talking and they have a lot of fun and at last Naviya asks mukti that did she read the Massage from Mukti but she says that she will not go as she wsnot invited and leaves.
Nandhani is preparing everything by herself and Aryaman comes and Nandhani asks him that how is he here and he says that she did not invite him but he is there for his friends. Nandhani asks him to blow some balloons but he is not able to and then Nandhani shows him how to do it.
Dhruv enters the room and turns the speaker on the phone and Nandhani and Aryaman are both are shocked to hear what the owner of the firm has to say and Nandhani says that Manik will not let this happen.

Precap: Nandhani Aryaman and Dhruv are standing and he says that it was the o2 manager and they will lose the contract but she says that they cannot lose it not like this.

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