Tashan-e-Ishq 31st August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
A girl comes in ceremony and says this roka cant happen, Leela ask why? she says because i am mother of Kunj’s unborn child, All are shocked, Twinkle looks at Yuvi and smirks, Kunj ask girl who are you? i dont know you, girl says i am Anu, your Anu, you love me, dont make fun of our love infront of all, think about our baby, Kunj says to Manohar that i dont know this girl, Leela stares Twinkle, Usha(Kunj’s mother) Kunj what this girl is saying? Twinkle comes to Yuvi and says what a great plan, Yuvi says its not my plan, i thought its your plan, i dont even know this girl, Twinkle says what? if you didnt do it, i didnt do it then who did it? Usha ask Kunj if girl is lying? Kunj says i dont know, Usha thinks why Kunj is not understanding that its all my plan to stop this Roka, she whispers to Kunj that this is my plan, Kunj recalls how Usha told him that she has made plan to stop this Roka, Usha ask who is this girl? Leela says atop all this, if he is saying that he didnt do anything then we should listen him, i am sure that Kunj cant do anything wrong, i have seen truth in his eyes thats why i chose him for my daughter, there is misunderstanding, Pinni says we should have some proof to believe anyone, its about future of Twinkle, Manohar folds his hands and says sorry to Leela for all this, he says its your greatness that you believe Kunj but till truth doesnt come out in open we have to stop this Roka, Twinkle gets happy, Anu starts leaving but Raman stops her and says i wanna talk to you, you were saying that you were with Kunj in university, he says this means you had affair with Kunj in sydney, you know dean of that university Mr. Mehra, she says yes, i know him, Raman says this girl is fake, there is no one like Mr. Mehra that in that university, one month back i went to some function, this girl was drama artist there, Pinni ask who asked you to do this drama? who wanted to stop this Roka? Kunj thinks that if she tells about Usha then it will be problem, before it happens, i will take blame on myself, Anu says no one sent me, i thought if i do this drama then i will get money, Manohar says so you did all this to disrespect us, we will call police, Leela says you have destroyed our happiness, i cant bear you here, leave from here, she says to Manohar that this is happy moment for your kids so we should not call police and all, Manohar agrees and says to Anu that Leela is saying thats why i am leaving but dont come near this house again, Anu leaves, Leela says now we should do Roka, only 5minutes are remaining in Muhrat.

Scene 2
Twinkle calls Yuvi and ask him to stop this Roka, he ask why you are crying? she says i thought this Roka would not happen but now everything is ruined, you know how much i love you, i wanna marry you only, Yuvi says you know i cant see your tears, there are 5minutes remaining in your Roka and i will stop this Roka, he ends call and says to his friend that we will switch off light and take Kunj from here, the one whose watch will be shining in darkness will be Kunj, kidnap him.
Kunj says to Usha that thank God you are safe else i would have taken blame on myself, she ask you love me that much? he says love is small word, she says i couldnt do anything for you, he says dont worry, Guruji comes there and ask groom and bride for Roka, Twinkle sit beside Kunj, lights go off, Yuvi’s friends finds someone’s watch shining, they kidnap him and takes him, lights come again, Guru says we will start Roka again, Leela ask where is Kunj, Yuvi look at Twinkle and smirks, Yuvi is about to leave but Kunj comes in, Yuvi is stunned.
Yuvi’s friend sees that they have kidnapped Raman instead of kunj.
Twinkle looks at Yuvi, Roka ceremony starts, Manohar ask where is your watch? he says i gave it to Raman as Guru had to tie thread on my hand, Leela ask where is Raman? Pinni says he has gone to see lights, he will come, we should starts Roka, Guru does tilak of Twinkle, Usha makes Twinkle wear dupatta, Yuvi and Twinkle are sad.

Scene 3
yuvi is angry and recalls how Twinkle’s Roka happened, he says to his friends that you didnt do my work, now you are dead, he beats them harshly, they says we did mistake, Yuvi says it was sin, leave from here if you wanna live, he says even i dont know how much i can cross my limits to get Twinkle, all i know is that you are that trump card for me which is most important in this game, even if God comes inbetween us, i will fight with him so my dear Twinkle beware as i will get you at any cost.

PRECAP- Anu comes to Manohar’s house, Manohar slaps Kunj. Yuvi calls Twinkle and says that i am near Kunj’s house, i feel like killing him, Twinkle says nothing will happen with this fight and all. Kunj is riding bike, some biker follows him.

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