Jamai Raja 31st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sid and Ayesha going from there while a song plays……………..DD tells Roshni that she will sleep in her room tonight. Roshni tells Sid is returning home with Ayesha as her parents couldn’t be found. DD says you don’t me to sleep in your room and says we don’t know anything about Ayesha. She says this decision is very much wrong. Sid and Ayesha are in the car. The driver informs them that there is a Jam on the road. Sid calls Roshni. Roshni is about to pick the call, but feels pain in her stomach suddenly. Sud gets worried. Roshni tries reaching the phone and falls. Sid hopes everything is alright.

DD hears Roshni’s voice and comes to her. She sees her unconscious in the hall and asks Kesar to call the ambulance. Kesar says we shall take her to hospital. Sid asks his driver to give phone. He tells his phone is not having network. Sid hopes everything is fine. Raj calls Sid, but his number is unreachable. They reach hospital and wait for Sid.

Simran cries. DD worries for Roshni. Nani tells nothing will happen to Roshni and asks her to calm down. Sid reaches home with Ayesha. The servant informs him that everyone took Roshni to hospital as her condition deteriorated. Doctor comes out and tells Roshni is fine. DD takes a sigh of relief and smiles. Doctor says we couldn’t save the baby. DD and everyone are shocked. DD goes in shock. Doctor tells that stress is the reason for this miscarriage, and I told her already not to take stress. Everyone cries. Nani consoles DD. Doctor asks them to support Roshni in her toughest time, and asks about her husband.

Raj tells Sid is in some trouble. DD tells Sid is never with her whenever she needs him. She says she will take care of Roshni and will give the news to her. She asks everyone to stay out of the matter. Simran tells why did Roshni say that? We have lost our grand child and Roshni is our daughter also.

Roshni tells DD that she is fine and doctor said she is fine. She sees Nani crying and asks what she is hiding? DD tells he has gone. Roshni asks where is Sid? Where did he go? DD tells your little baby will not come. Roshni asks have you gone mad? She says she can feel her baby and asks how can you say that. She argues and gets hyper. DD asks her to calm down and says baby is dead and gone. Sid reaches hospital with Ayesha and asks what happened. He hears Roshni crying for her baby and gets in the room. DD comes out and throws Ayesha on the floor. Sid says she is a small girl. DD asks why did you bring this garbage bin here. She blames Ayesha for Roshn’s condition and asks why did you bring her here. She says I am getting frustated to see her and asks him to take her from there. Sid signs Krutika to take Ayesha with her.

Krutika takes Ayesha with her. DD says you have ended everything. I told you that Roshni is unwell and couldn’t take the stress, but you have ignored my sayings. She says you have killed her baby, and is a bloody murderer, Sid is shocked with the accusations and truth.

DD yells at Sid, blaming him for snatching her life’s most important happiness. She holds him responsible for baby’s death and declares him incapable to be a father. She says I will never forgive you…Sid looks on.

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