Tere Sheher Mein 31st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gajanand begging Sumitra to let Rachita and Rama’s marriage happen. He cries and keeps his pagdi in her feet. He says this stain will ruin our family. Amaya looks on shocked. He says he will fulfill all her conditions. Sumitra says fine, I have two conditions and tells him. Amaya gets shocked. Sumitra, and her mum leave. Gajanand holds his heart and says this marriage can’t happen. Amaya sees him and runs to him. Gajanand says this marriage should not break. She says nothing will happen, this marriage will happen as you say. Mantu comes there. She says Nana ji got heart attack maybe, we should take him to hospital.

They rush him to hospital. Mantu says everything will be fine. She asks how will it be fine. He says he will call at home. She says wait here, I know whom to inform, I will just come. Sneha asks Pushpa about dad. Pushpa says she will come. Amaya calls Sneha. Sneha asks where is she. Amaya says she is in hospital, Nana ji got heart attack, come here without saying here, this marriage should happen at any cost, come here soon. Sneha and Pushpa come home and ask Mantu what happened, where is Amaya.

Mantu says I don’t know, when I reached there, I saw Chobey ji lying in floor. Sneha asks Amaya what was she doing at Rama’s house. Amaya says don’t know, I took gift for Rachita and went to give Rama, sign this consent form for surgery. She keeps some papers below consent form. She says Nana ji wants Rachita to get married, its your responsibility now. Mantu says yes, Gajanand took promise from Amaya, he will manage here. Sneha and Pushpa refuse to go. Amaya asks them to go, its Nana ji’s wish. Mantu asks Amaya to give hospital papers, he will submit. She says no, I will give it, you stay here and take care of Nana ji.

The Mathurs welcome the baraat. Kaushalya tells Rudra that something is wrong, Chobey is in hospital and they are celebrating here. Sneha does tilak to Rama. Bua asks about Gajanand, is he resting inside. Pushpa says he is unwell, so doctor admitted him in hospital. Sneha says he got stroke, he said this marriage should not stop, if you can keep his words… Sumitra acts innocent and sweet and says Gajanand will be fine.

Bua asks Sumitra what about her two conditions now, if Gajanand is not here. Sumitra says she will not let this marriage happen, she has to ruin their respect. Nani says they don’t know us. Sumitra says real drama will be now. Mohini says let girl come in mandap, then we will see. Amaya says conditions will be fulfilled, Nana ji is not here, but still kept his words, come with me. She gives some papers to Sumitra and says you wanted this.

She recalls Sumitra asking for Mathur haveli. Amaya says this is haveli papers with mum’s sign, I heard you and Nana ji talking. She says you wanted to ruin our name by Rachita’s truth, now no need to do this, you are given the price to shut your mouth, now its your turn to keep your promise, let this marriage happen. Sumitra says you are smart, tell me how did you take your mum’s sign. Amaya says I cheated my mum and recalls taking Sneha’s sign in hospital. She says bride will come in mandap and this marriage will happen without any hurdle. Sumitra says her second condition, the marriage will happen if second condition is fulfilled, does she know it, will she able to do it. Amaya says don’t worry, I know it, I will fulfill it, but I want your help. She tells her plan and says she has done what she could, now she has her family respect in her hand. She goes.

Bua asks Sumitra how will she trust Amaya. Sumitra says Amaya will respect us to save her respect, we are getting haveli too, she just wants her Nana ji not to lose respect, I m ready to do this for haveli. Bua says if Amaya changes her mind.. Sumitra says we will see, everything will be clear in one hour. Amaya comes to her room and cries. She says what I am doing, I m saving my family’s respect by a big cheat, they will be hurt by this, Rachita and mum will be shattered knowing I took mum’s sign by cheat. She says maybe I should tell everything to mum, I did big mistake to hide this from mum, she will understand me why I m doing all this.

Sneha cries and tells Dimple about the happenings. Amaya comes there and hears them. Dimple says we should cancel marriage. Sneha says we can’t do this, Gajanand took promise from Amaya, you have seen how Rama’s family creates issues, we can’t cancel marriage else dad’s respect will be ruined, this is imp. Amaya thinks she can’t tell anything to mum, she has to do what she thought. Jaz compliments Rachita. Amaya comes there holding chloroform and looks at Rachita. (A total mad step from Amaya, she may have many other options to confide with Mantu or Sneha!!)

The pandit asks Sneha to call the bride. Sumitra says I will also come. Amaya wears the ghunghat and hides her face.

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