Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 1st September 2015 Written Episode

Dhruv says that he should not have done it and have taken up this responsibility. Nandhani rushes to him and says that they will do anything and she will help him. She asks him that how much time they have and he says three weeks Nandhan on this gets shocked and sys that it is not sufficient to make a song but says that they will do anything but first he has to help her. Nandhani says that no one has come for the party and so she wants that he should go and make Aaliya come and she will go and talk to Mukti Dhruv gets confused but she makes him give in.
Aryaman comes and says to Dhruv that they will get through it and says that he can play the drums Dhruv says that he will keep in mind and says that they have to go and pick up Aaliya and does he want him to accompany him to Aaliya’s house.
Naviya’s baby starts to cry seeing this she tries to get up. Nandhani comes and picks him up . when he goes into her arms he quickly goes off to sleep and Nandhani sits with Naviya and tells her that she has the responsibility to bring Mukti to the party and then she leaves.
Harshad goes to Nyonika and threathens her. She understands what he wants and gives him some money but he torches it and then says that he wants to see her full of misery.
Mukti comes in the room and is pissed to see the dirty clothes on her bed and asks Naviya to take them away, Naviya picks them up but scars Mukti and says that she hs two choices either to wash the clothes of her son or to come to the party Mukti agrees to come to the party .
Nandhan sees Aryaman in the hall way and asks that did Aaliya come and he says that she is coming with Dhruv and asks Nandhani that was she able to convince Mukti and she says that they are also coming. She asks Aryaman that she has a prank planned for them and that he is to take them to the first floor classroom Aryaman gets confused but agrees and when they all come he takes them to the first floor and they all suddenly slip and are not able to get up meanwhile someone makes a video of them and uploads it on YouTube using Cabir’s account. They all get angry and call him to show his face and when they find that it is Nandhani they ask him that it is not funny. They all call her for help and when she comes ryaman pulls her in and they all have a lot of fun and when they get up she asks Mukti that why is she not having fun on this she replies that they do not understand what she is feeling and that they should leave Cabir’s things alone to which Aaliya also agrees.
Dhruv gets a massage and leaves saying to Nandhani that he is happy for what she has done for Manik. They hear someone playing at first they do not understand where the sound is coming from the they realize that it is from the music room.

Precap: Nandhani remembers that it is the same song which Manik used to play for her and that she loves it a lot and feels that it is Manik and he has come back.

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