Reporters 1st September 2015 Written Episode

Shreya panics reminiscing Kabeer and Ananya’s engagement and thinks kabeer got a good rhythm with Ananya, but she will break it.

Pandey gives Shreya’s info to Manav. Manav says he gave him a good info and his life will settle down if he uses it in his favor. He sees Shreya’s call and gets happy. He meets Shreya outside office and says she wants him to break Ananya and Kabeer’s engagement. He says so that broken Kabeer returns to her. She says absolutely, she will console Kabeer then and will trap him forever.

Ananya’s mom calls Kabeer and asks if she disturbed him. He says mothers never disturb. She says she is making engagement guest list and wants to know his guest, his brother and sister-in-law would come anyways and if he has anyone in list. He says it is good she reminded him, he himself will invite his brother.

Manav tells Shreya he knows how manipulative she is and just used Kabeer as a toy, when she got bored of him, she used her manipulative mind and used Taruni as excuse and divorced Kabeer. He also knows about her many affairs as he is a journalist.

Kabeer calls his brother and invites him for engagement. Brother asks if he is getting engaged to same girl. Kabeer says yes, Ananya. Brother says he is very happy for him. Kabeer says he would feel his family has come if he and bhabhi attend his engagement. Brother says he will come, but cannot guarantee about bhabhi. Kabeer insists and brother says he cannot promise, but will try to bring her.

Shreya tells Manav if he thinks so, she will not get kabeer back in her life. He says her problem is common, loneliness and because of it, she came back to India from US. He gives her white rose. She says he is more intelligent than he looks and says she chose a right person for her work. He will look good as co-editor. He says he can become co-editor without help and says he needs editor-in-chief position. She says then she will cancel the deal as she needs Kabeer both personally and professionally and without him as editor-in-chief is waste for her. He asks what is the guarantee that she will keep her promise. She says he has to trust her.

Manav reaches Khalid’s cabin and says he has news and is covering Delhi’s famous lawyer’s case, how he escaped from punishment. Ronnie enters and says his news is about how celebrity escaped punishment, but their show’s motto is manavta/humanity. Kabeer says Ronnie he should discuss his idea with Ronnie first as he is show’s producer and says he can update him at last moment, but not Ronnie’s. Shreya enters and takes Manav’s side and says he is handling his show well and client is also very happy. Kabeer says show will go as he likes and his decision is final. Shreya gets irked.

Precap: No precap today.

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