Swaragini 1st September 2015 Written Episode

Laksh asks Ragini to come and they go inside. Ragini sees him injured and says she will apply ointment. Swara sees Sanskar’s hand bleeding and ties the cloth on his hand. Sanskar asks her not to be filmy. Ragini is nursing Laksh’s wounds. He tells that he will apply ointment. Just then he sees Swara watching him and asks Ragini to apply medicine on his wound. Sanskar comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Laksh gets hurt and closes the door. He takes the cotton from her hand, saying he will apply ointment. Dida tells Sumi that they have to prepare for Janmasthami festival. Sumi says what about the happenings in our life. She says you would have stopped Swara from taking this step. Dida says she has seen Swara losing so much, and needs to expose Ragini. Sumi says nothing is important to her than Swara. Dida says you are very lucky as Swara risked her life for your happiness. Sumi says we have lived our life, but Swara’s life have not started till now. She decides to talk to Shekhar.

Dida tells Shekhar had insulted you and will never believe you. Sumi says because he is still Swara’s dad. She says you got married to me to a man, whom I never love. She says I can’t see my daughter’s life ruined and have to do this. She thinks about Shekhar’s warning and calls him asking him to come. Sanskar applies ointment on his wounds with much difficulty. Swara takes ointment from his hand and applies on his wound. Sanskar says he don’t want to fight, but,…..Swara says why did you fight? Sanskar says he couldn’t hear anything against her. Swara tells Laksh would react like this and it is natural for him. She says we have to be normal. Sanskar says I tried to make him understand, but he didn’t listen. Swara asks him to focus on their mission. Sanskar apologizes. She tells that Sumi got to know about their fake marriage truth.

Sanskar is shocked. Swara says Dida took her from here, else she would have told our truth to everyone. She says everyone will take time to forgive you. Sanskar says will you kill me today? Swara says it is all your mistake? She goes closer to him while scolding and then realizes. She sits down tensedly. Sanskar tells I know we have taken a big step and you are in stress. I will go and talk to Sumi aunty. I will request her not to reveal about our truth to anyone. He tells Laksh is going to do a big mistake in his room, will you not stop him? Swara says I don’t care how Laksh treats his wife, all I want is to unite my parents. Ragini gets Dadi’s call informing her that Sumi went to meet Shekhar. Dadi tells don’t know what they are cooking? Ragini asks her to be careful, and says she will talk to her later. She looks at Laksh, while he is sitting on sofa.

Shekhar is shocked to know that Swara has done fake marriage. He asks her to come and says we will stop her. Sumi says only we can make our daughters life well. Shekhar asks what do you mean? Sumi says Swara did this acting to unite us, and Ragini’s life will be happy also. She asks can’t we unite for our daughters and future. She asks him to agree for Ragini, if not for Swara, and give a chance to their relation. Shekhar looks on.

Ragini goes near Laksh and touches him. Laksh gets up and recalls declaring that he will give wifey rights to her. Ragini gets closer to him. Laksh closes his eyes to kiss her and recalls Sanskar keeping his hand on Swara’s shoulder. He moves from there. Ragini holds his hand and asks him to look at her for once. She says if you goes from this room now, then I will never be able to take this relation forward (it is yet to be seen if Yash falls in her trap).

Sumi asks Shekhar to agree for Ragini’s sake. Dadi thinks she can’t let this happen and will break them. Annapurna asks Swara and Ragini to do the aarti during Janmasthami puja. Shekhar brings Sumi to Maheshwari house, asking her to reveal Swara’s truth.

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