Sumit Sambhal Lega 1st September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sumit coming home. Maya and his mum Dolly make his fav dishes. They gets stuck and likes both dishes. Maya asks him to have Rajma made by Dolly. He asks will they mind it. Dolly takes Maya’s dish and dumps it. Sumit eats the food made by Dolly. He just loves it. Sumit and Maya see the cricket match. Maya is annoyed with him as he chose Dolly’s dish. He asks her to forget it. She says she should not be bothered about this. He says yes, you are above all this. She asks what, don’t I cook, or don’t I cook good as your mum.

He says its just food. She says forget it. They sleep. Its morning, Sumit asks Dolly about Rajma. She says she has thrown it. He asks is there any recipe for her Rajma. She says I make it by heart. Sumit’s dad Jasbir taunts her. She gives him a single small pakoda to answer him. Sumit says he is asking recipe for Maya. Dolly says Maya wanted to make my type of Rajma. Sumit says yes. Dolly gets glad. Sumit asks her to write the recipe and give. Dolly says I will teach Maya. He says I will tell Maya. She says she will make and teach her. She goes.

Sumit goes to Maya and says he is thinking to solve Rajma mystery, why don’t they call mummy ji here and learn Rajma dish. Maya says its bad idea. Dolly comes there and asks why did she not tell before that she wants to learn Rajma making. Rajneesh gets the special kadai, spoon and some more items. Maya says its fine. Dolly says Sumit told me you want to learn making Rajma. Maya says he would ask me to become like you.

Dolly says no, first make Rajma, then we will see. Maya says I m eager to learn cooking. Rajneesh sits eating. Sumit asks Rajneesh to come, they will check tyre air. They leave. Dolly says she is glad to know Maya wants to keep Sumit happy. She says first imp thing to make Rajma is….. Maya asks Rajma… Dolly says love… Maya says ofcourse. Dolly says mum’s love…. She says you are also a mum, I m sure you will make good love. She asks her to soak Rajma. Maya asks in water or in love, and laughs.

Maya makes Rajma and serves it to Sumit in dinner. Sumit says its awesome. Maya says she made it, Dolly helped her, it was fun. He says great, and spits it in tissue. Maya sees it. He says its very hot, that’s why. Maya tastes it and spits by the bad taste. Its night, Maya starts evaluating where her dish went wrong. He asks her to forget it. She says she made it exact like Dolly. He says maybe mum forgot any step. She says maybe mummy ji gave me wrong recipe. He says she is my mum. She says I m sure.

He says close eyes, think you have this house, me and kids, why is stupid Rajma coming in between. She says right. He hugs her and asks her to sleep.

Late night, Rajneesh goes to kitchen and thinks there is thief. He opens lights and sees Maya. Maya was checking Dolly’s recipe and makes excuse. He says stop, just thief and santa claus come without invitation at night. She says alright, I was finding Rajma’s recipe. He says I heard it was bad. She says it was not that bad, I want to make perfect Rajma, don’t you want to make anything perfect. He says my toothbrush, I wash it by detergent. She says she does not want to come second, and asks his help. He says he knows the pain to come second, he will get the recipe. She waits for him.

Jasbir sleepwalks and drinks juice from fridge. She stands still. Rajneesh brings the trunk and gives her. She says this is jewelry. He says this is right bag, mum wants to distribute this treasure to us. She gets the recipe papers and checks for Rajma. She checks it with her recipe. She says its just same. Rajneesh says yes. Maya says I m not right. Rajneesh says it will take time, and makes her smell his toothbrush, which still has the toothpaste smell.

Sumit asks Maya why did she go and check recipe. She smells the zeera and says its strange. He says its saunf. She says Dolly said its zeera, and sees the double name slips on the bottle. She says this is your mum… He says why would mummy ji do this to fail any recipe. She says she is expert in this, and scolds him. She says its about Maa’s Raj/rule, not Rajma. She goes. He sees the slips and goes to confront Dolly. He says he came to know everything, she dud not do this right, label is out. He says I always take your side, but not this time, Maya left her ego and called you to learn your recipe, I m serious. Dolly says she wanted to make everything fine. He asks how. She says you would come to have Rajma made by me, if I don’t cook food, would you come?

He says what, you feel, I just come to have food, I would come to see tv show DABH with you. She says I m your mum, I know you, you don’t need me as you have grown up, its just food that gets you here. He says you did not do right. She says I know, I will apologize to Maya. He says she is upset. She says she is also a mum, she will understand, and asks will he have Gajar ka halwa. He agrees.

Dolly tells Sumit and Maya that she has such things to distribute to them after she dies, but she will distribute happiness now. She says this have all my recipes and gives the papers to Maya. Maya gets glad and thanks her. Dolly apologizes and Maya hugs her. Sumit says hold it, I will get camera to take this moment captured. Maya says Gajar ka halwa page is missing. Dolly goes.

Maya asks Sumit to say I love you to her. Jasbir asks does anyone say I love you to wife. Dolly says being so much forward is not so good. Jasbir stands in hot water shower and gets his hand burnt.. .

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