Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd September 2015 Written Episode

Kokila scolds Gopi for doubting Gaura and says Gaura is more than her sister to her and she will not tolerate anyone insulting Gaura.

Gaura tells Dharam that they have to execute their plan carefully as Gopi has started doubting them and she is very dangerous. Dharam says she is right, they will have to be very careful.

Gopi thinks there is definitely something wrong with Gaura. Even Meera and Urmila feel same, so she has to investigate her past.

Kokila asks family to decorate house for Vidya and Shravan’s premarriage ritual gol dhaara. She says Gaura that Karunesh did not come for raksha bandhan, she should call him at least now. Gaura acts as calling Karunesh and says he is in Rajasthan. Kokila asks her to give phone. Gaura disconnects call and says Karunesh is in Jaisalmer. Kokila says she should have called Karunesh beforehand and called him here, she would have also apologized him for her misunderstanding. Gaura thinks she will punish her anyways.

Gopi tells Kokila that she had to clear Urmila’s doubt, so she insisted to check Gaura’s suitcase. Even Meera was pleading to think about Vidya’s alliance. Kokila says if she has any doubt, she should speak to her first and then trouble Gaura. Gaura sees differences brewing between them and smirks that her plan of separating saas-bahu jodi is working.

Gopi gets Karunesh’s call who informs he is Gaura’s neibhor and not her brother. Gopi is shocked to hear that and she informs Kokila about it. Gaura who is with Kokila gets tensed. Dharam interferes and says Baa has saved both karunesh patel neighbor and Karunesh mama’s number on her mobile and shows 2 names on mobile. Kokila scolds Gopi. Once they all leave, Gaura asks Dharam how did he do that. He says 2nd number is his which is not working now. Gaura praises his brain.

Precap: Gaura tells Gopi that without ring, gol dhara ritual cannot happen. Meera hears that and thinks of stealing ring. Kokila tells Meera that she knows she does not want Vidya to marry Shravan. .

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