Badtameez Dil 2nd September 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, bua in hospital worried abt mehar and thinking abt kubers words cursing mehar and blaming her that she is using abeer, abeer trying to find taxi to reach hosp and is very tensed ,he gets an taxi, tunno reaches hospital, bua sees tunno with lot of anger and walks to him,taiji stops her and says devki all will be fine but tell me what were u doing out late night, bua looks at her in anger n walks to tunno slaps him and says how could u, taiji stops her, bua says don’t u interfere, and says tunno how could u tunno what wrong i and bhabhi did that u took this step, i gave u all teachings but how did u act like ur dad, ur dad aways troubled us but still we were ok bcoz we were one but u broke us and leave go away from here, tunno goes on his knees n says bua sorry plz forgive me,abeer reaches hospital and rushes to bua n asks where is mehar, taiji told me abt mehar and taiji what are u doing here and where is mehar, why isn’t anyone telling, is mehar fine,nothing serious, i will go check.


Bua says abeer leave right now, dare u take mehars name and tell me mehar asked u for money, she used u for money tell me, taiji says abeer right now we shd leave this is not right time to talk, bua says abeer just get out, abeer looks at operation theatre, and says i wont go without meeting mehar, bua says abeer stop, suman comes out of theatre, abeer rushes to her and says thank god i can now meet mehar, suman slaps abeer, and says go away from my daughter, and says taiji thanku for bringing mehar to hospital but abeer is responsible for mehars health, abeer u told me shetty is ur fan and so agreed for help and i told u i don’t want ur money then why did u do this, i was trying from my side but u lied to me, u gave him 60 lakhs even after i said no, why, taiji do u know why this accident took place what was mehar doing late night on roads, its bcoz his father called mehar to blame her and called a girl who uses rich guys for money, and now see she is fighting with life,abeer do u realise what ur dad blamed mehar abt, abeer joins his hands n says sorry, suman says even u think mehar used u for money, abeer says no enough, suman says then why did ur dad blamed her what did she do, i still trusted u but u broke my trust and now not anymore just go away.



Suman asks abeer to go away, abeer says plz let me meet mehar, taiji takes abeer with him, abeer says plz just once let me see mehar or else i wont go, nurse asks them to keep low its hospital, abeer says sorry and sits down. Suman prays to god to take care of mehar, tunno comes from behind n prays too. Bua sees mehar and is in tears, abeer sees bua crying, abeer thinks abt mehar and time spent with her, his fights with her and abt him saying that he doesn’t want to see mehars face,nisar comes, abeer says nisar mehar is fine right , no one is allowing me to meet her, i want to see her, u plz go n see whether she is fine, i know she is fine, i will not cry, nisar says abeer calm down i will go see mehar.abeer sits n cries.




Nisar sees mehar being operated, and walks to abeer,abeer asks him mehar is fine she will be discharged today right, not today ok tomorrow but she is fine right, i know mehar is fine right, nisar hugs him, abeer says don’t hug me i know mehar is right speak something, taiji comes n says nisar.


Suman n bua ask doc how is mehar, doc says there is internal injury we are trying our best but patient is very critical. Bua consoles suman n says mehar will be fine trust god, listening to doc and looking at suman and bua, abeer says to nisar u stay here i will come back , nisar asks where are u going, abeer says just stay here i will be back, taiji follows abeer n says stop abeer, abeer pushes driver away sits in car n leaves, taiji forcefully sits beside him, abeer thinking abt sumans words n her slap, abeer rash drives, taiji says abeer calm down drive slowly.


Precap: kuber says to abeer u have already wasted lot of timen money behind mehar not anymore,abeer says i am warning u, u arre worried abt ru 60 lakhs right, if something happens to mehar i will destroy ur business.

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