Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chandu bringing Sandhya to Garjana. He calls out the commander. Sandhya gets shocked seeing commander, and recalls that he is Sajni’s husband. She thinks they are safe as they are living dual life. The commander welcomes her in Garjana and asks her to take an oath. He gets the fire torch and asks her to repeat after him, that she is taking oath that she is dedicated to Garjana. She says what he says and thinks she is dedicated to her country and duty. She says police and govt officer will be her enemy who comes in Garjana’s way. She thinks Garjana is her enemy. She says she will work for Garjana being its loyal worker, and kill Garjana’s enemy to do her duty towards her Sanghatan. She thinks she will keep her loyalty for her duty towards country and ruin Garjana. She says Jai Garjana like they all say, and thinks Jai Mission Mahabali, Jai Officer Singh and Jai hind. She has to find what they are planning for oct 2 and fail their mission.

Chandu asks her to wear the uniform, and then she will become a trained Garjana member. She tries to hear Chandu and commander talking. The commander says they have no funds and has to take help from foreigner friends. Chandu says no, we have to manage it on own, police is alert after chip was stolen from Jaipur. Sandhya thinks Officer Singh gave them big shock, she has to find their master plan now.

Lalima says she has spoke to Sandhya today. Sooraj asks how, where is she. Lalima says she said she went out for her duty, she said she is fine and said she will come to Sooraj soon. Meenakshi says she is lying. Sooraj asks what else did she say. Lalima smiles and thinks she has to divert Sooraj’s mind and keep his hope alive. She asks him to make Ved have bath. Meenakshi says Emily gives bath to Ved. Lalima says Sooraj will make Ved have the bath, as Sandhya was asking does Sooraj take care of Ved, she will be annoyed if I say Sooraj is not taking care of Ved. He agrees. Lalima asks Ved to come, his Papa will give him bath like before. Sooraj takes Ved and leaves. Lalima thinks Sooraj will get better if he stays busy.

Meenakshi asks Emily to see Lalima is so clever, Emily has taken care of Ved, and Lalima snatched her. Emily says I m happy that Ved got his father’s love after a long time. The men bring some box there. Sandhya wears Garjana’s uniform. She comes for her training and gets shocked seeing Manjari. She thinks she did not recognize Manjari, she looked ordinary commoner, but she is trained commando of Garjana. Manjari says this is training camp of Garjana, and asks is she ready. Sandhya says I m ready. Manjari gives her the gun and laughs. Sandhya thinks this woman will make my life hell here too.

Meenakshi tells Mohit that Lalima is very clever, we have to do something. Mohit says no, we will kick out Lalima. She asks him to do something before Sooraj comes. They pack some clothes.

Manjari asks Sandhya to aim and shoot, this is training, you did not come here for picnic. Sandhya holds the gun and acts like she is new to all this. Manjari asks when will she shoot. Sandhya thinks she has to aim wrong, else they will doubt on her. She hits at some box. Manjari asks why did they keep box here, this is not water, its imp. Sandhya thinks why is mineral water imp here, why did Manjari say like this. She apologizes to her. Manjari says you should get punished, you always do loss, hold this gun like this and run 10 rounds. Sandhya thinks mineral water can’t be so imp, its part of 2 oct, I have to find about it.

Sandhya runs to make rounds and thinks she has to reach water and divert everyone’s attention. Manjari asks her to run faster. Sandhya takes something and throws it far. The gas leaks from that and everyone run to see what happened. Sandhya thinks she has to replace mineral water with river water. She throws the mineral water and puts river water in it. She says maybe she can know their plan by changing this water.

Sandhya undergoes training. Manjari asks them to crawl. Sandhya calls her out as her hair get stuck in sharp metal spiral wires. Chandu tells Manjari that its big work, the best of Garana soldiers will go for this work. Manjari says she will choose the best. Sandhya says she is good for this mission, she can choose her, whats this mission. Manjari says you don’t have right to ask, talk when I ask you anything. Sandhya falls in her feet and asks her to give her one chance, she wants to do something and show them. Manjari says leave me. Sandhya asks Shekhar to give her chance to test herself, and permit her to go on mission. Manjari says its not fools’ fair, its mission. Sandhya requests her. Chandu comes to fellow Garjana member. Sandhya thinks maybe she can find about mission after following them, looks like changing water made their mission at loss.

Sooraj calls out Bhabho and Babasa. Sandhya runs to follow Garjana member and gets to see something about their mission.. .

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