Reporters 2nd September 2015 Written Episode

Manav tells Shreya that she cannot separate Kabeer and Ananya easily. She says any relationship can be broken.

Richa asks Ronnie what was happening inside Khalid’s cabin, she is not getting any gossip after Trisha left. Ronnie says Manav wanted to show his power as usual and was trying to bypass even him, but kabeer scolded him and brought him on track. She says kabeer is going on right track. Sunny jokes that Shreya and Manav are snakes, one is sheesnag and one is nagin. Richa asks him to get back to work.

Shreya enters Kabeer’s cabin and tries to speak. He says he knows she wants to speak about Manav and says when she changed manav’s slot and created a new slot for him, he did not tell anything thinking about business perspective and now she should not interfere in his decisions. He does not care about revenue and wants to show plain truth. Shreya asks if he wants to replace Manav with Ananya now. Kabeer asks her to stop being personal and think professionally as he does. She angrily walks out.

Ananya enters Kabeer’s cabin next and says she heard about his roaring avatar and unfortunately missed it. He smiles. She says she invited all her friends for their engagement and wants to invite Taruni. He says he does not want her to come and even Taruni agreed, he does not want to test mom’s patience. He asks her not to call even Shreya. She agrees.

Manav starts his news show and describes how a celebrity lawyer made accident and eloped from the spot. He continues that lawyer did not pick their call, but he and his channel will bring out the truth soon.

Kabeer gets terrorists lead. He goes to the spot with Ananya and waits in car. Ananya sees man moving in his bike and informs Kabeer. Kabeer starts following terrorist and asks Ananya to call Khurana and track their movement via GPS.

Manav enters Shreya’s room and asks when she is a business head and took many decisions, then why she is obeying kabeer now. She says editorialship is kabeer’s right and she trusts him. If she tries to oppose his decisions, he may leave KKN. Manav says he is bound with contract. She says that is the difference between people like him and kabeer. He asks if she got Ananya and Kabeer’s engagement invitation. She says not yet. He says she will not get it as kabeer does not want to invite her. She says she will attend their engagement and find some loose link to break their unity, after all there is no love in this world whose color cannot be spoilt.

Kabeer and Ananya continue following terrorist. Ananya calls Khurana and says terrorist went into a house near Tulika bar and they will continue following him, asks if he is tracking them via GPS. Khurana says yes, picks gun, and asks his team to follow him.

Shreya with Manav goes to kabeer’s cabin and asks peon if he is in. Peon says he left with Ananya long ago. Manav taunts that they must have gone for engagement shopping and asks if he told something wrong. Shreya says no.

Kabeer and Ananya continue following terrorist and enter a house behind him.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: In the world of news, there will be soldiers who risk their life and get truth in front of the world.

Precap: No precap today.

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