Doli Armaanon Ki 2nd September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Akash kumar’s residence
the lady rudely talks to akash and asks him to come aside for sometime as she wants to talk right now. he asks her to wait while he wraps this up. but she rudely insiasts that its either right now, or else she shall talk right now, in front of all of them. he is frustrated but keeps a composed face. He asks simran and ishaani to wait and then goes to the adjacent room with the lady. ishaani asks hesitatingly who is this, and simran answers that its his wife. She is shocked. they both hear sounds, of the wife being bossy and demanding to know every single detail of his time and money spent. simran sighs outside, narrting everything to ishaani, as to how he earns and yet she bosses him around, and ho its actually pathetic. Ishaani is severely disturbed, as she hears akash trying to mend things and asks her to calm down, from behind the room.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
While diya is unpacking and arranging her wardrobe, she finds damini standing at the door. She asks her to come in. damini sys that she shall when she goes out. diya is boggled. damini comes and asks her when its time for her to leave, then why is she unpacking now. Diya asks confused. damini hollers at her saying that she is an idiot to even think that she could get an apology out of Damini Sinha, as what she saw down there was just a pretense. she says that if one urmi wasnt enough, now she has to deal with two noble characters in the house. She tells diya that she is worse than urmi, as due to urmi, anirudh atleast never raised his hand on her, in front of everyone. Diya apologises, and she says that she doesnt need her apology, but needs her to get out of the house. She tells diya that she shall have to, as anirudh and urmi might have taken this as a tragedy victims’ shelter, but she wont do that, and definitely not with her. She says that diya shall have to ay for the slap that she got. Diya is tensed and distraught. damini tells diya evilly that anirudh and urmi wont let her go anywhere and she herself wont be willing to leave the house, hence she has other plans now. She asks diya to get ready to pack her bags and leave, as her marriage prospects are coming, and she should just accept the offer and leave. Diya says that she shall go, but she wont marry hastily. damini says that she doesnt care but wants her out at any cost. damini also threatens that this should be between the two of them or else there shall be dire consequences and says that if diya doesnt act according to her, then she would harm her precious urmi and shaurya sir so badly, that she can even barely begin to imagine. Diya is apalled and asks how can she do that. damini says that she is indeed threatening her. She also warns diya not to even dare talk about this to anyone else, as she only wanted to earn points with urmi and anirudh and impress them, so that she wins their trust and after that she can go ahead with their plan. she asks her to be tight lipped about it, and then say yes when asked for marriage. she says that she has no idea to what level

she can stoop down, and asks diya tauntingly if she remembers the rape. Diya is distraught. damini leaves in a hush.

Meanwhile, shaurya is humming romantic numbers, when ishaani comes in teasing him about his change of behaviour and how it all indicates that he is in love. he is taken aback, as thats exactly what he has been deliberately denying. he is flustered as he asks her not to imagine things. She says that she is sure. he asks if she is an expert on love and then changes the topic asking her about her work. She says that the work is fine, and then points out what she heard earlier in the day. he wards it off not taking it seriously while she is pretty disturbed and advocates vehemently about akash’s torturous condition. he brands her as naive and blindly in love with akash. she gets angry and he teases her furthermore. deliberately pronouncing the actor’s name wrong.

Downstairs, as diya comes and joins them, anirudh, diya and sandhya are discussing about diya’s prospective suitor when he says that he did a thorough checkup, and found them highly respectable, and then to get a closer view first hand, he went to meet them. urmi is surprised. he says that they seem like the perfect family. damini comes pretending to be very concerned and lovable towards diya, saying that she shall agree to the marriage only when diya gives her consent, as otherwise it shall be rejected. diya is shaken. Anirudh complies. He asks diya what is her decision. damini waits and then asks diya to be carefree and tell what she thought. She signals her to say yes, or else the consequences wont be good. Diya addresses her saying that its a big step and she needs a little time. damini is irritated but doesnt show. urmi says that she can take all the time she needs, as she should meet the guy and get to understand him, and then take a decision. Dita sits tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Awaz Office
Shaurya comes out of his office, alogn with chiku, to hear employees discussing diya’s case, and one of them leeringly says that she cant come to the office now having lost her self respect, and hence she can go take up other lucrative businesses, minting money. he keeps insinuating filthy stuff about diya. shaurya is unable to take it any longer, and then beats the hell out of him, while chiku asks shaurya to let him be. he asks the employee how dare he talk about diya like this. The others apologise and get the leering person out of shaurya’s grip and take him away. chiku asks why is he overreacting so much. Shaurya asks if he was, and if chiku heard what all were they saying. chiku askls whose mouths he shall cover and keep mum, as people with such negative mentality shall keep talking like this. Shaurya says that noone shall say anything about his diya. chiku is taken aback. shaurya is himself frustrated and boggled with his own confession, and goes inside. Chiku is tensed.

Scene 4
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya paces around nervously in his room, unable to na,e these strong emotions that he feels for diya. He remembers how urmi told him that he is looking for an exact diya as the lifepartner, and the recent moments, that have led him to question his emotions. he smiles as he remembers his moments with diya. He doses off to sleep.

The next morning, while diya is praying, shaurya comes very close to her, leaving in, while she prays with her eyes closed. just when she opens her eyes, he too begins to pray. then she gives him prashad which he takes, without taking his eyes off her. she leaves while he keeps glaring at her.

Later, as urmi is about to go take a bath, the maid comes and says that she is going to the market and if she would like to have something. urmi denies. rani leaves. she geos to the bathroom. Someone with gloves locks it from outside and then turns on the steam baath to the fullest temp. urmi notices this inside and wonders who switched on the steam. she tries to go out to find, but finds the door locked. She starts hollering for diya, shaureya and damini. downstairs, all are sitting on the sofa. sandhya shows diya the article that has come about her. just then they hear urmi’s screams, while she distraughtedly tries to pull the door open. the screen freezes on urmi’s hassled face.

Precap: Chiku reminds shaurya that the way he has stood up for diya can mean only one thing, which is that he loves diya. he asks shaurya to do something before its too late and then he asks him to propose. shaurya is shocked. meanwhile, Damini tells diya that this wasnt an accident, but a planned attempt, as she didnt agree to the marriage, trying to scare diya. Diya is apalled.

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