Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 3rd September 2015 Written Episode

Mukti insists on Nandini to go to college, Nandini gets on the bike but Mukti doesn’t start the bike. She points at Nandini to watch the new guy. Both races their bikes towards each other. Mukti and Nandini fell on the ground. Aryaman and Aaliya watched this and runs towards them. Nandini and Mukti argues and blames each other for the mishap. The guy comes to them, gives hand and says mockingly that he thought they must be hurt. Mukti was enraged at the guy, Aaliya handles her and takes Mukti and Nandini away. Aryaman gives him a look.
Mukti shouts at Aaliya and Nandini why they are acting as losers. She blames Nandini why she backed up after saying yes on the first place. Aryaman says that they can settle this matter calmly as well. Mukti shouts again that why they are all acting as losers, there is an intruder in their college who insults them, and they will remain calm. She asks if they people think she will leave him by uploading some act of him or his pics on youtube, they are wrong, he will have to pay the heaviest price for this all. Aaliya asks Mukti not to over react, fab 5 is a different thing. Mukti says they are acting like losers. She says Aaliya is doing it all because of that stupid fashion thing she has been upto, she says this is the reason people are trying to dare them. She asks why Dhruv isn’t here, he is just involved into his own self. Aaliya says she didn’t notice. Mukti says she will not let Fab5 get apart, it is the only thing she has in life. Aaliya says even for her this is the only thing in life. Nandini says that she doesn’t know what to do what not, this guy should be shown that this is Manik’s place, it is Fab 5’s territory. Aryaman gets a message and leaves.
The guy comes to a guy who was playing flute in corridor, he takes it from him plays and says he is a bad star. He stops by some girls then moves on. He was talking to phone on someone saying he might not be able to stay here. He goes to librarian and asks if this library is upgraded. The students are playing broken guitars. The librarian says this is SPACE academy and we have the state of the art instruments. The guy asks for an Australian instrument that the librarian didn’t know about, he asks for another African one, this time also the librarian didn’t know about it and says there are thousands of instruments, they can’t collect all of them under one roof. They can provide him with what he needs. The guy says every student must have access to every instrument, and asks for guitar. The librarian says they have many guitars, he mocks and leaves.
Navya comes to elevator, it was out of order. She wonders how she will go upstairs climbing the stairs with the baby. A lady stops Navya and asks who she is. Navya is reluctant to answer, but the says she is the society’s secretary Mrs. Pammi. She asks Navya if she is the girl who lives with some other guy. Navya asks her to take care of the lift which doesn’t work. Mrs. Pummy asks Navya who is her land lord. Navya tells her that there is no water in the society as well, and also there is no security. No one picks up the litter and there is so much of smell. She tells her again that the lift doesn’t work, she press the button and the lift starts at once. She gets into it and leaves.
Aryaman talks to someone on phone that he is the fiance of Aaliya, he apologizes him for all what happened today and requests him not to take it into account.
Aaliya talks to Navya on phone and tells her about her meeting with the society’s head.
On the stairs, Nandini asks Aaliya and Mukti what is the plan. Mukti says he won’t forget what they will do to him. Aaliya says he is smart and might not get into their trap, they must talk to him. Mukti disagreed but Nandini also suggests about talking to him. The three have an argument.
The guy comes to cafe and orders for chicken sandwich and chocolate chip milkshake. The cafe sales man says he doesn’t serve this all here, will he like Masala sandwich and regular soda. The guy was frustrated and texts someone about it. Mukti and group comes there, Aaliya asks him to sort things out. The guy showed them utter attitude, Aaliya offers to make some music together. The guy leaves abruptly, Mukti loses temper but Aaliya calms her. Aaliya and Mukti follows the guy with hockeys but as he stops they hide themselves.
Aryaman and Nandini waits for the guy in the music room, they cover him under a black cover and beat him with hockeys. The guy actually arrives from corridor, he smiles that he came to see them play music. They guy in the cover runs away. They guy say this place is such a boring thing.
In the auditorium, the principal calls Harshid as the general secretary for students election from guys and from girls he calls nandini. Harshid says to Nandini on stage that Fab5 is no more, she must either back off or be really be ready for the tough time. Someone from the students asks for attention.

PRECAP: The guy stands up and says to principal he is missing someone, don’t he think so. The principal looks into his file.

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