Balika Vadhu 3rd September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kundan asking Urmila to be in room. Urmila asks what happened? Kundan tells her that MLA Jagdish is coming to their house and he is against child marriage. He says he might send us to Jail for doing child marriage. He locks her in room. Nimboli brings Jagya home. Akhiraj greets him and says he don’t know where to make him sit as his house is small. Jagya says house becomes home with the people who stays in home. Akhiraj says you said big thing. He calls Harki and introduces her. Nimboli tells I will make you meet Kamli and Pushkar jijusaa. Harki tells they went out. Nimboli goes inside and calls Disa. Akhiraj says you met Kundan before. Jagya says yes. Akhiraj introduces her to Jagya. Nimboli introduces herself as Kundan’s wife, but Jagya didn’t hear her as Harki interrupts the talk. Nimboli goes to bring tea. Urmila tries to see the happenings and thinks to find out. Nimboli brings tea. Jagya is surprised to see the spoon standing in the tea cup. Nimboli tells it is stand up spoon tea. Jagya says it might be good, but I don’t drink sugar tea. He asks did you feel bad that I refused to drink your tea. Nimboli says she don’t want his health to deteriorate. Urmila sees the rat and shouts.

Jagya is about to leave, just then they hear Urmila’s screams. She asks Kundan to open the door and save her. Jagya asks who is she? He goes inside. They open the door. Urmila tells there is a rat inside. Nimboli tells Maasa said that you went with Pushkar and Kamli jiji. Disa tells Harki didn’t know. Jagya asks about Urmila. Disa tells she is her daughter. Akhiraj asks Urmila to greet Jagya. She greets him. Jagya says I shall leave now. Nimboli asks Jagya to convey her greetings to Mannu and his wife. Jagya says okay. Nimboli tells Urmila that she didn’t know that she was inside. Harki tries to scold her, but Disa stops her.

Mannu tells Pooja that he told Dadisaa that they are doing a mistake and can’t separate us. Pooja says what will happen if no one support us. A boy comes to Mannu and calls him Bapusaa. His dad comes and takes the boy. Mannu and Pooja look at the boy. Pooja laughs and teases him. Mannu scolds her and thinks a baby will call him Bapusaa after few months. Kamli asks Disa, why did she supported Akhiraj and Harki. Disa says she was afraid that Jagya will know about Nimboli’s child marriage and he will inform Anandi who will take Nimboli from here. She says I can’t live without her. She says my happiness was gone in this house and Nimboli is the ray for me to live. I am her Devki mum and she is my Kanha. She says I didn’t get happy by lying to Jagya. I can’t stay without Nimboli.

In the night Kundan thinks about Madhav’s words. He thinks about asking Nimboli to stay in his room with him. He gets up being restless. He comes to Nimboli’s room and sees Disa, Nimboli and Urmila sleeping. He thinks he can’t get her when disa is in the house. He thinks to meet her outside. While Nimboli is going somewhere, Kundan eyes her with lust. He goes to her on his cycle and asks if she is going home. Nimboli tells my bag is heavy and I have to bring something for Urmila. Kundan tells Maasa will be angry if she sees us together and makes a plan. Nimboli agrees and sits on his cycle. Kundan sees her knife fallen on ground and smiles.

Kundan tries to molest Nimboli. Disa eagerly waits for Nimboli and prays for her respect and safety. Nimboli runs and hides behind the tree. Kundan sees her..

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