Badtameez Dil 3rd September 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, abeer with taiji reaches his home, taiji tries to stop abeer, but abeer doesn’t he goes inside, seeing him kuber says oh come come, ur mom is sleeping shd i wake her up, abeer says what do u think of ur self mr kuber malhotra, kuber says if u have forgotten i am ur father, abeer says how dare u call mehar n bua late night home, kuber says u sold my shares so i had to, abeer says those shares were mine, kuber says i gave u them, see abeer u already have wasted a lot of time n money behind mehar so i did this to save u, abeer says oh to save me u call mehar late night and insult her, kuber says she is ur ex wife n looks like she told u every thing what happened, abeer says what mehar is to me thats not ur problem n u have no right to interfere, kuber says enough abeer go to bed we will talk tomorrow, abeer says mehar is fighting with her life, unfortunately i bared u bcoz u are my father but now i am warning u if something happens to mehar i will destroy ur business, so now keep praying that nothing happens to her or else ur business will be finished.


Bua asks doc how is mehar, doc says keep patience we still cant say anything, suman says didi past few days i was feeling something bad is gonna take place and see, bua says this is all bcoz of abeer.abeer leaves, taiji says to kuber cant u take care of ur son, kuber says i keep trying to keep abeer away from that family but he, taiji says u try to control abeer n that family, i was out just for a month and i had told u not to do anything but u, u shd take care of office n not home matters leave them to me, i will take care of this house, i agree that family always interferes with abeer, but if u didn’t call them late night, my car wouldn’t have dashed mehar and gives a wicked smile.


Tunno says sorry, bua says just pray that ur di gets fine soon, taiji says to kuber yes my car dashed mehar n i took her to hospital, kuber says why did u take her to hospital she would have died, taiji says abeer would have destroyed everything if she would die, and smiles and says abeer is ur weakness so now u relax and see what i do, i will not let abeer get influenced, he will be back here n mehar will be out of abeers life and all this i will do it my way, 8 yrs back she snatched my abeer but not now and that suman slapped abeer, i kept quite in hospital but i will repay it with full interest now its our days see how i target that family.


Suman and tunno pray to lord to save mehar, abeer comes to hospital, nisar asks where were u, abeer says went to talk to that man who is responsible for all this, abeer walks to see mehar, bua stops him, abeer says bua plz, bua says no, abeer says plz let me go, abeer joins his hands and says plz just once let me see her,i promise i wont trouble u i will say nothing,plz bua, mummyji plz tell bua just once let me see her, bua plz just for the sake of our past relations let me see her, abeer gets to his knees n says plz plz let me see her and cries, and says i want to say sorry to her, see she will be fine soon when i do that, buaji plz plz, just once abeer holds her legs and says i beg of u plz,may be listening to me she will wake up plz bua, i will do as u say plz, bua in tears move aside.


Abeer opens the door n walks in the room, he looks at mehar and remembers shouting i love u mehar from top of building and also saying i hate u mehar, abeer remembers a past scene: mehar nisar in college library, abeer rights a note to mehar and passes it to her, mehar reads the note it says i love u mehar, love abeer, mehar rights back to him and sends back the note, abeer reads it, it says shutup n let me study,mehar leave library, abeer follows her and stops her, and says mehar really i love u, listen to me atleast n shouts in front of everyone, i love u really, mehar walks away.



Abeer back in hospital room, sits beside mehar, and says mehar he has flashes with time spent with mehar.


Precap: doc says mehar is very critical, we cant says anything, abeer breaks down.



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