Reporters 3rd September 2015 Written Episode

Kabeer and Ananya follow terrorist. Terrorist meets his boss who says there is a change in plan.

Ananya’s mom waits for Ananya. Arav says he has called decorator, caterer, etc. She asks why decoration. He says at least some lightings should be there. She says if Ananya comes, she has to go and get engagement dress for her. He says he called Ananya and she did not pick call, so she is on the way. Courier boy delivers parcel. Shreya calls mom and says she though she is not invited for engagement yet, she cannot attend as she is busy at work, so she sent a sari for Ananya and would be happy if Ananya wears it during engagement. She starts sugar-coated talks that she considers her as mom, etc. Mom gets emotional and says she does not need invitation to meet her mom. Shreya says she cannot even then. Mom says ananya has not reached home yet. Shreya says she will call her and send home.

Khalid takes Malvika’s class and says he wants her to become old Malvika who used to work for KKN’s benefit and stop meeting Manav as he is not good for her. Shreya enters fuming and says it is nearing 9 p.m. and Kabeer is missing, he must be busy with engagement shopping with Ananya. Khalid says he knows Kabeer and he is very responsible, their channel is at #1 position because of kabeer and ananya and they are very responsible. She says she hopes so. He says if he is not here, that means he is working on some lead.

Ananya and Kabeer see terrorist’s boss giving him human bomb and asking him to execute their biggest revenge plan. They both get tensed and think why khurana has not come yet. Terrorists catch them. Ananya asks if they know only to kill people. Head points gun at Ananya and shoots. Kabeer kicks him and bullet hits scapegoat terrorist and he dies. Head says nobody can stop them from executing their plan. Kabeer says his plan has failed and police must be coming any time. Head says they are TV world’s stars and are publicity hungry. He fixes bomb jacket on Ananya and says now she is the scapegoat and will kill many innocent people.

Head says he will shoot kabeer’s leg and will see how much he can run. When he is about to shoot, Khurana enters with team and shoot’s head’s hand. All terrorists take cyanide pill and die. Kabeer panics seeing bomb jacket on ananya. Khurana says they are trained about these kind of bombs and says he will call bomb squad. Ananya asks Kabeer to leave. Khurana shouts over phone when he hears that bomb squad cannot come before 1 hour.

Precap: No precap today…

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