Swaragini 3rd September 2015 Written Episode

Swara tells Sanskar that Ragini got what she wanted. She got Laksh. She says I don’t want anything else, as my parents are uniting now. She says one day Ragini’s truth will be out also, and then she will realize her mistake. I hope she wll not do this mistake again. Sanskar goes out of room. Ragini sees him awake, and coming out of room. She thinks Swara might have woken up. She comes back to her room and drops vase intentionally to wake up Laksh. Laksh wakes up. She tells him that Swara called her to talk. She says she wants to return happiness of the house being bahu. She says she has to go as Swara called her, and asks him to sleep. She says she will come and make arrangements for Janmasthami festival. She asks him to sleep and goes.

She comes to Swara and says she is happy as mum and dad are uniting. Swara says I am going home today, you can leave your life peacefully and your truth will not come out. Ragini acts to apologize to her. Swara says it is okay. I will take time to forgive you. I am happy that you have realized your mistake, and hope I get my old Ragini back. Ragini hugs her with a plan and says bye. Swaragini plays…………..

Sumi fills her maang with sindoor and calls Swara asking are you ready. We are coming to take you? Swara says yes. She tells Ragini came to meet her and was very happy with their union. She asks did you inform her. Sumi says no. Swara doubts Ragini, but then ignores her doubts. She comes out of room and sees Laksh coming out after bathing. She wonders where is Ragini? She comes out and sees everyone do the arrangements for Puja. Annapurna asks Swara to do the aarti and sing bhajan. She asks about the breakfast. Sujata taunts her saying ladies keep fast. Swara says she is asking about men’s food. Durga Prasad tells his two bahus will do puja and aarti. Laksh comes calling for Ragini. He recalls Ragini’s saying that Swara called her to meet. He asks her where is Ragini?

Swara says I don’t know Laksh. Laksh says she went to meet you. Swara says yes, but don’t know where she went. Annapurna asks him to call on her phone. Laksh calls on her number and gets phone in Swara’s room. He asks what happened between you both. What did you tell her? Swara says I didn’t tell her anything. Laksh asks where is Sanskar? Swara says he went somewhere without informing me. Parineeta calls Laksh and shows Ragini’s anklet ( Ragini wore it infront of Laksh). Sanskar comes back home. Sujata asks where did you go in the morning? Sanskar says he went for a walk. Laksh swears not to leave them if he didn’t get Ragini. Sujata tells Ragini is missing. Laksh asks where is Ragini? Did you do something to Ragini? Swara asks him to stop it and says why we will do anything to her. He asks why did you call her. Swara says I didn’t call her. Sanskar tells it is her trick to trap us.

Laksh asks them to tell where is she? Shekhar comes and asks what happened to her? He asks Swara to tell, and asks what did you do to her? Sumi stops him. Shekhar asks where is Ragini? Sumi asks what is the matter? Laksh says they did something to Ragini. Sanskar says it is enough of your nonsense. Durga Prasad asks them to stop fighting and says we need to find out where is she? Laksh says I called her number and got her phone in Swara’s room. Swara tells Sumi that Ragini came to meet her, and went after meeting her. Sanskar tells Swara is right. Laksh goes to talk to watchman and asks if he sees Ragini going? He says he didn’t see her going. Laksh says I will call the police. Ragini starts her acting and makes sound. Laksh tells this voice is coming from the car and asks to get the car keys. He opens the car decky’s and find Ragini in one of the car with her hand and mouth cuffed. Shekhar and Laksh are shocked.

Ragini hugs Shekhar and cries saying it was good that you found me. She says I don’t know why Swara hates me so much. Ragini tells she called me and then they tied me forcibly and brought me here. She says everyone was sleeping then. She says I don’t know why she hates me so much. She acts to faints. (it was not shown who helped and locked her in the car) Shekhar asks whose car it is? Laksh says it is of Sanskar. Swara tells Annapurna that she didn’t call Ragini and don’t know about her whereabouts. Shekhar shouts Swara. Laksh brings unconscious( faking) Ragini inside. Annapurna asks what happened? Shekhar blames Sumi and tells her that her daughter left Ragini in car decky to give her death.

Shekhar tells that everyone should know about Swara’s truth. Swara asks Shekhar not to do this and calls him baba. Shekhar shouts saying he is not her baba. Swara cries. Ragini throws Swara out of the house with her stuff……

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