Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd September 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Neil and Ragini’s marriage rituals. Pandit asks who will perform kanyadaan. Pam says if Karan would have been here, he would have performed kanyadaan with dimpy and asks if he can skip this ritual. Pandit says it cannot be skipped. Sunny says Nishi and Jignesh can do kanyadaan, but Jignesh is not here. Agam calls Jignesh and he enters and says he will perform kanyadaan. Pandit says a daughter cannot perform parent’s kanyadaan. Nishi says why not when parents can take care of children whole life and when children take care of parents after they become old. Pandit agrees.

She performs kanyadaan with Jignesh by washing Neil and Ragini’s feet. Jignesh asks Neil to promise that he will take care of Ragini. Neil says he gave his daughter to her and took promise and now he is asking him to promise. Ragini says Jignesh did not forget his promise, so he came here.

Pam tells pandit if he completes marriage in 15 minutes, she will give him 4 times more dakshina/fees than promised. Pandit agrees and asks her to tie bride and groom’s knot. Pam asks after tying knot and pheras, marriage will be completed. Pandit says yes. She is about to tie knot when Nivedita enters and says this marriage cannot happen. Reporters throng and asks who is she. She says Karan will tell who she is and why she is stopping marriage. Karan he does not know. She asks Pam to tell truth then.

Pam tries to divert attention and asks reporters to go and rest now. Reporter says it is a big news now, so they will cover it. Nivedita says Neil promised to marry him and asks neil if he promised or not. Neil says he promised her, but his decision changed and now he wants to marry Ragini as he loves her and will always. He wants to correct his mistakes and wants to set an example for his children, etc. Nivedita starts shedding tears and says once again he made a joke out of her. He gets up from mantap and walks with her into room.

Pam tries to follow Neil and Nivedita. Karan stops her and says Nivedita will tell Neil everything and he will not spare her. She asks him not to panic and says if he is concerned about his mobile sim, she will return it and Neil will not scold her. He says he will, so he will hide.

Neil takes Nivedita to a room and says he does not love Ragini and is having a contract marriage for children’s sake. He says once he settles things, he will marry her then as per his commitment. Nivedita agrees and he leaves. Pam then enters and tries to speak. Niviedta asks her to stop trying to fool her again and leave, she know knows about contract marriage.

Ragini with teary eyes waits for Neil in mantap. Agam says whenever Nivedita enters in their life, something bad happens. Suhani says nothing will happen this time. Sunny says saheb loves madam a lot and even after 18 years, their love did not lessen. Whenever she will marry, she wants her husband to be like saheb.

Precap: No precap today.

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