Satrangi Sasural 3rd September 2015 Written Episode

Slightly Brief Synopsis

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is taken inside complaing of headache, by vibha. The fake husband holds them hostage, as he turns out to vibha’s goon. She comes back and tells them that she shall take vihaan very far away from them, where they wont find him ever. Vibha asks the man, who holds them at gunpoint, while arushi and the mothers are shocked, adding that they should be locked inside, till she leaves with vihaan from this house. he complies and locks them, holding them at gunpoint. He blackmails them on the pretext of killing the baby, and arushi and the mothers comply. IN their room, vihaan tells vibha that he doesnt feel that person is arushi’s husband and decides to go check on her once. But vibha stops him saying that he is not well, and shouldnt stress himself. but he jerks her off, and tries to go. But she shoves an injection in his back, and he feels a sudden pierce and gets dizzy. Meanwhile, Arushi says that she wont let it happen, as she cant let vihaan go with vibha. the mothers are shocked. The goons informs them of the injection and how vibha is already on her way out with vihaan. Outside, vihaan starts walking in a daze with vibha, while she keeps inputting that he is leaving the house, but noone is least bothered, as they didnt even come to leave him till the gate. But suddenly even in the semi-unconscious state, he holds his feet and stops. vibha is shocked and tensed, as he says that he wants to meet the mothers one last time. She is irritated and tensed. Inside, granny and the ladies are super tensed, as he takes one child, and keeps teasing them that he cant decide which of the child to kill first. Arushi meanwhile stealthily takes thie chance to pick up a knife, stealthily from the fruit plate, while he gets busy as he gets vibha’s call, who asks him to finish them all, and remove all traces of the Vatsal family, while vihaan sits dazed in the car. He says that he shall do. by that time, arushi strikes a blow on his arm, with the knife, and gets him rattled, and the revolver falls. but he soon regains composure, and grabs on the of the child, and they are all apalled. He asks priyanka to give the gun, and she complies. he takes on child, and goes out, locking them from outside. he places the child on the sofa, and then taking off his jacket, as he tends to his wound, he then goes to the kitchen and turns on all knobs of the gas. he decides to blow the place up, and starts spraying kerosene everywhere. Insidethe room, all the mothers coax arushi to do something, while she stands dazed, as both the children start crying. they are apalled. They find that the windows are bolted too from outside, and think that it was a planned conspiracy all along.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified
Karuna keeps jhanvi captive, while she asks her what is she planning to do, and then when she knows, she says that girish would never agree to this at all. kaeuna says that he has not option but to agree. meanwhile girish is held captive by karuna’s men, who say that he shall comply to whatever they want. girish says that he wouldnt betray his country at any cost. But they blackmail him saying that they shall kill his dear family, f he doesnt comply. they ask him to wear the bomb vest and go where he is told too, tomorrow, and then explode it when he gets the instructions. He resignedly complies. Jhanvi meanwhile says that girish shall never betray his country, as he isnt that bad a guy. karuna is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi and others wonder whats the smell as kerosene flows inside their oom. granny spots it and they are shocked that he plans to kill them all. they start howling and screaming for help in despair. The man meanwhile, calls up vibha, who tries to hold vihaan’s hand as he sits beside her in the car, but he doesnt respond in his daze. She tells him that he neeeds to wait for five minutes, as they shall be at the airport by then, and then blow them all up. He complies evilly. the screen freezes on vibha’s evil and arushi’s tensed face.

Precap: Arushi and the mothers stand inthe drawing room, as the man tells them that he shall turn them into ashes. he lights up the matchstick, and they are shocked and horrified, begging and pleading him not to, while he watches them amused. They are distraught and petrified. meanwhile, as vihaan and vibha try to cross the road, he accidentally bumps into a stone, and falls on the ground, hitting himself on the head. he gets up complaing of a severe headache, as he starts getting dizzy yet again.

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