Sasuraal Simar Ka 4th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says i used to spend this day with but today she is in that pot and I can’t do anything. Mata ji says we are all sad that she is not with us. But you don’t have to give up. Be grateful for what you have achieved in this fight by now. We just have to be careful. just once ask your heart if roli was here she would have asked you not to give up. Simar recalls every time roli console her. Simar says i will fight mohini and I will get my sister back. And this will be her birthday present.
Simar says to pari you were saying that i wont ever win against mohini? her end is certain. I will be reason of her end. she will have to pay for all the atrocities she did on my family. Amar says Simar we should leave we don’t have a lot of time. Simar says take care of pari. Pari says leave me. Amar and simar leave.

Simar opens the door and sees that mohini is there with all the pots. She comes in. She laughs and sits on a sofa. Mohini says i thought you sisters really love each other but you just forgot her birthday simar. She says let me sing. She sings happy birthday roli. She says roli is in the top pot. Its her birthday so i kept her on top. She says roi must be mad because her sister forgot her birthday.Mata ji says your presence in our life is our biggest punishment. Mohini says no i have bigger ones for you. but i have an offer. mohini there is an advert in the paper. A rajeev malhotra son is lost and he will give 1 crore to the one who find him. If this is truth you can keep these 3 pots but if its a trap i will break all three of them. Maa has gone to figure truth out. So you all wait.

Sunanda reaches the address. a woman is crying a man says suman dont cry we will find chintu. Sunanda rings the doorbell. The man opens it. he says my wife is not well since my son is abducted. The woman i crying. Sunanda says i know what you are going through. I am a detective. Maybe i can help you. The man says please come in.

Mohini says roli simar is saying i will bring you out. Roli says i trust you didi. she says pari look what your family has done to you. Were you scared to see me in her? Don’t forget that I am a witch. No matter how far i go one of my shadow will always stay in your lives. Who does this to their own daughter in law. She releases pari. Mohini gets a call from sunanda.
Sunanda says i have investigated. The news is right. this man’s name is rajeev and his wife is suman. His son is lost since one month. Come here soon.Mohini says okay i am coming. Mohini says your luck is good simar. You can keep all these pots because that news is right. Now keep them with you. I will sacrifice prem after 3 days.
Mohini says you have only 3 days save your family if you can. After prem is sacrificed these pots will break. Just 3 days, all the best. Simar is in tears. She looks at the pots and sits there. Mata ji says gather yourself. This is not her deadline this is a chance for us. We can save our family. We can change a lot in three days and we will.Like every time we will be shown a way. Sujata says yes truth has to win in the end. Just don’t lose hope.

Precap-Pari runs amar tries to stop him. He shoves. Shalu says you wont do this. Pari says i wont stop. shoves shalu on the pots.

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