Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi saying she will wait till Thapki brings the puris. Suman and Preeti also feel hungry and are glad that they ordered food from hotel for themselves. Thapki cooks the food by much difficulty and worries as the puris are not taking good shape. Dadi gets restless as she has to take medicines. Thapki worries as Dadi has to eat food on time. Thapki brings the food and shows the puris to them. Suman and Preeti see perfect puris and get shocked. They ask how did she make puris so well. Thapki says puris were not getting good, so she called Poonam and kneaded the flour again, then puris got fine.

Kiran says Thapki did not lose, Dadi taste it and say how is it. Dadi praises the kheer puri. Bau ji likes it too. Thapki serves it to everyone. Kiran asks Thapki to make Dhruv eat by her hand. Thapki takes the kheer. Dhruv stops her from feeding the kheer to him, and says he has to say something. A servant comes and asks them to come as neighbors have come. Dadi says Thapki’s mu dikhai rasam. Thapki’s mu dikhai ritual is going on. The lady says Thapki’s maang does not have sindoor and asks Dhruv to fill sindoor in Thapki’s maang. Dhruv gets shocked.

Bihaan gets the sindoor box from Thapki’s room and Vasundara looks at him. Dhruv takes the sindoor box and sees Thapki. He looks at Bihaan angrily. Vasundara says men are not needed in mu dikhai rasam, and takes sindoor from Dhruv, saying Thapki will apply sindoor in her own. She sends Dhruv and Bihaan. Thapki applies sindoor herself on Vasundara’s saying.

Its evening, Dadi asks Kiran to show the album to her. Kiran shows the album to Thapki. Thapki smiles seeing the pics. Dhruv says how to tell Thapki, she is so happy, but I have to tell her. He gets Thapki’s gift CD. He plays the CD in the laptop. She says this is her first gift after their marriage, and this has the memories of their dance in the party, he has shared his feelings, so she wants to record her feelings in this DVD.

She says till you get this DVD, you will become my husband. Dhruv cries seeing the DVD. Thapki says I trust you a lot, people say love is blind, but for you, my trust is blind, I know you won’t break my trust, you are my Thapki Pyaar ki forever. He cries miserably. Thapki and Kiran see more pics and are happy. They don’t see Bihaan’s face seen from the side of the sehra in next pic, as Kiran keeps the album asking her to have food.

Suman and Preeti sit to see the album and say Dhruv and Thapki look so good. They get shocked seeing Bihaan and Thapki in the mandap pics. Preeti says it means Bihaan sat in mandap wearing the sehra. Suman says it means Thapki married Bihaan. Its big breaking news, we have to tell everyone. They take the pic and rush to tell Vasundara. Dhruv comes there and stops her. Dhruv brings Bihaan along.

Dhruv says he has to talk to Thapki. He tells Thapki that he did not keep her trust, she trusts him a lot, he can’t win her trust now. He cries and says I could not keep my promise, big cheat happened with me, I could not do anything. She asks what. He says I was not with you in mandap, it was Bihaan. The family get shocked. Dhruv says you did not take wedding rounds with me, you took rounds with Bihaan, your marriage did not happen with me, it happened with Bihaan. Thapki gets stunned. The family looks on shocked. Dhruv cries bowing down.

Bau ji asks whats happening, Bihaan was saying he won’t let this marriage happen, and now Dhruv is saying Bihaan has married Thapki, do they think marriage is a joke. He asks Bihaan whats Dhruv saying. Bihaan says yes Bau ji, I have married Thapki. Bau ji and everyone are shocked. Bihaan looks at Vasundara and says I did not want stammering girl to become Dhruv’s wife. Vasundara looks on.

Bau ji asks Bihaan is he mad, what is he saying, I don’t believe this, Bihaan can’t do this. Thapki looks at Dhruv. Suman and Preeti say its true and show the wedding pic. Bau ji gets shocked seeing Bihaan with Thapki. Dadi cries and says what did this happen. Sanjay asks Bihaan how could he cheat them. Dhruv cries and apologizes to Thapki. He says he is Thapki’s culprit, he promised her that he will never let wrong happen with her, but he could not keep it.

Thapki holds his hand and keeps on her head, and asks him to swear on her and say whatever he is saying is true. Dhruv cries and says yes, its true. She gets stunned and moves away. She goes to her room and recalls her marriage. She recalls Dhruv’s words that Bihaan married her. She gets a newspaper from her purse and starts reading the news article to control her stammering. She stammers and says nothing will get fine till her stammering gets fine. Thapki pyaar ki………….plays………… She cries and says everything got over.

Dhruv comes to her and asks her to open the door. He asks her to listen to him. She says its all over and ruins the decorations. She says her fate is bad, her tongue has the weakness, she is nothing, she can’t get any happiness in her life. She says her weakness is very big, bigger than herself, everything is over. She sits and cries.

Dhruv asks Thapki to open the door. Dadi asks Dhruv to break the door, else Thapki may do anything to herself.

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