Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya crossing the river to follow that man. The man turns and she hides. He goes inside the jungle. She loses track of him and looks for him. She thinks how did the foreigner disappear suddenly. The man goes in dark and dense place between the trees. Sandhya looks for him around and says how can anyone disappear like this, where is he, where did he go. She sees some stones green and black, and finds it weird.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Lalima has gone, she does not tell us anything when she goes and comes, what will we tell Sooraj, he would feel we kicked her out. Lalima comes home with some bags. Meenakshi says did she come here to stay. Lalima asks Ved to help and make Sandhya’s items reach the room. Ved gets glad and sees Sandhya’s clothes. He hugs Sandhya’s saree. Ved asks why did she give the items in ashram. Bhabho looks on. Lalima says she did not tell anyone about the blames on her, as she believes we should give explanation to clean heart people who trusts them. She says I could not do this, I know the imp of these things in your and Sooraj’s life, I will show something that will make you trust me.

Meenakshi asks what magic will she do. Lalima says Meenakshi and Mohit said I have written my name and address on this chit, I did not do this, as I never went to school, I m not educated, I don’t know to read and write, how can I write on this, I m illiterate, and shows proof. She says when was going to apply thumb impression on register at the time of her marriage, but then Sooraj got unwell. Meenakshi recalls it and says you are lying, you know reading Geeta, Ramayana…. Lalima says my dad used to read it for me, and answers her.

Meenakshi says Mohit we should have known whether Lalima can write or not, we just wrote it. Mohit bows down. Lalima looks at her. Meenakshi says I pray for Sooraj, I want him to get well. Lalima says I feel you don’t want him to get fine, you won’t succeed till I m here. She takes bags and goes with Ved. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to stop it now. She says I told you and Mohit before, not to test my patience, Sooraj has to get fine, I don’t know why you both are doing this, next time I won’t spare for anything wrong.

Sandhya comes to village and thinks she is missing something. She stops and sees similar green rock. The boy asks her to be careful, and he is making Garjana fort. He asks how did she like it. She says very nice, and notices the rocks. She thinks she has seen such stones in far off jungle, it means this boy went there, and asks him did he go in jungle, he can have risk to life. He asks how does she know he went there. She says these stones are found in jungle. He promises he won’t go again, and asks her not to say anyone, ghost stays there so people are prohibited to go there. Sandhya thinks why did foreigner go there, there is some secret. The boy asks her how did she know the stones are just found there. He says we both won’t tell anyone about going there.

Vikram gets glad that sale was good at shop today. Meenakshi cries and says Lalima is illiterate, but she is very clever, when I do anything against her, I fall in trap. He asks what is she saying. Meenakshi says Sooraj’s first wife Sandhya, and now this Lalima is very clever, if they both come face to face, it will be war. Vikram says this can happen in your dreams. She says I m more clever than Lalima, see what I do now.

Bhabho recalls Sooraj’s trust on Lalima. She asks Babasa did he see Sooraj stopped Lalima as he trusted Lalima, he did not know Lalima is illiterate, Sooraj identified her right, I can see same trust in Sooraj’s eyes, which he had for Sandhya. Lalima talks to Lord and says she is in love with Sooraj, she knows Sooraj loves Sandhya and will never give her place to anyone, but her love is selfless, she won’t hope that Sooraj loves her, she got to know her reason of life, Sooraj ji…..

Lalima sees Sooraj and smiles. Bin phere hum tere…………….plays…………. Sooraj shows the bangles to her and smiles. She takes the broken bangle and throws it. Lalima takes Sooraj to the shop. Bhabho and Meenakshi look on from window. Lalima and Sooraj go on his scooter. Sooraj plays in the lane. Lalima smiles seeing him. Bhabho comes there and smiles seeing Sooraj. Lalima sees the diyas and hugs Sooraj, to stop him from turning. The neighbors, Bhabho and Meenakshi get shocked seeing this.

Sandhya aims gun at herself. Shekhar and Manjari look at her.

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