Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 4th September 2015 Written Episode

Ritika throws the rice backwards that comes to Baa and Baa is irritated with this. Amba helps Ritika perform all the rituals of Grahan Parwesh (entering into the house). Ritika’s phone rings, she receives the call and thanks for the wish. She is shocked to hear that he couldn’t arrive because all the trains are late and this is the reason he couldn’t arrive. She tells Baa and Ishaani that all trains are late, they must wait at home for some time. Ritesh says they will wait on the station, Ritika says what, her family will wait on station on her wedding day. She would not let this happen and asks Ranveer to stop Mota Bapu’s family. RV asks Baa and Kaka to wait for some time if the trains are late. Amba calls Lakshmi to continue with some more rituals. Ritika invites them all inside.

Lakshmi asks for Ritika’s ring and puts it in the milk, she tells Ranveer and Ritika that the loser is always the one who remains suppressed in this game. Ritika watches the ring intently, throws it near to Ishaani and asks Ishaani to give her ring to her. Ishaani holds the ring and notices that it was the same dove ring. She hands it back to Ritika. Ritika plays with her will but Ranveer doesn’t play at all. Ritika happily finds the ring, while Ishaani notices Ranveer was lost. Ishaani cries watching this all. Ranveer watches Ishaani, Baa and Chaitali going from the hall. Amba asks Lakshmi to take Ritika to her room. Amba asks Ranveer to come to her room, she has to say something to him.

Ritika thinks that the astrologer’s talk was right, tonight something that Parekh family had never witnessed happen. Ranveer is hers now and Ishaani has gone out of the house forever. Ritika comes to her room as it was decorated, Lakshmi wishes her all the best. Ritika comes to the mirror, removes her vermala and happily says that her dream marrying RV has been fulfilled. This mangal sooter and sindoor looks so good at her. She wonders here her crown is, and where is her husband RV. She lays back on the bed.

In the room, Amba shuts the window and says that the winds are turning into a storm now. This night is really strange. RV asks why she called him here. Amba asks him to shut the windows now. Amba tells RV that he watched such storms in life, now he has started his life with someone who herself suffered so much in life. She thinks that Ritika will best understand him, he must also take care of her as a wife. She tells him to go into his room, Ritika is alone and might be afraid of the weather.

Ritika sits on the bed waiting for RV. She shuts her eyes as he enters the room, then looks at him. RV looks at Ritika, takes a seat on the bed. Ritika smiles, RV turns away. Ritika tries to touch his hand but there is a knock at the door before she could reach him. RV goes to see who there is. Ritika comes to RV and says she knows it is strange but she wants to say something. RV asks what. Ritika says she knows they are married, but he will never accept her as a wife. RV says it is nothing like that, though he was thinking the same before coming here. He says I think there is something in tonight, it was written that they have to meet. He will not stop himself from becoming her husband that is his responsibility. Ritika says that his responsibility is her need. She asks RV to be a mother as well, she wants to bear his child. She says that this child will become a reason of their love. She come closer to RV, there is a break of case. Ritika asks what kind of voice this is, RV goes to check it. Outside the room, a case was lying broken on the floor.

Suddenly the lights go off, Ritika holds a lit candle to light the other ones. As she was doing so, she feels RV hug her from behind. She asks him not to go away from her, she can’t live without him, and says I love you. Someone says I love you too to her, Ritika turns and is shocked to see Chiraag there. She remembers pushing him to die. Chiraag smiles at him.

PRECAP: Ritika says that she wanted to marry him, but he left her for that Ishaani who didn’t even love her. He left her for that Ishaani who even didn’t love him. RV hears this all and is shocked.

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