Tere Sheher Mein 4th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rudra telling Sneha and everyone that Gajanand got paralysis, and asks them to come fast. Sneha and everyone meet Gajanand in hospital. Sneha cries and says marriage has happened, but Amaya ruined everything, its my bad values and upbringing, forgive me. Gajanand thinks it means Amaya sacrificed herself to save our family name and respect. The doctor asks Sneha to go out and not make patient tensed. Sneha and everyone leave.

Amaya cries seeing family pic. Bua and Mohini leave Rama in his room. Rama scolds Amaya, and asks what did she do, she played bad game, she spoke to him as friend, she was going to bring Rachita and him closer, why did she cheat him, he did not think she will cheat him by this innocent face, why did she do this. Amaya asks what is he saying, he has spoke to his mum, he married by his wish. Rama says shut up, you don’t take my mum’s name by your bad tongue, she told me everything that you are a cheap girl, I was waiting for the biggest moment of my life to marry my love Rachita, you knew this and ruined everything.

He says your reality is you are a cheap, fallen and a selfish girl, you are stain on your family. Amaya says enough Rama, I won’t hear anything, why are you feeling bad now, answer me why did you marry me, because your mum told you, where did your love go when you knew its me in mandap, not Rachita. She says Rachita never loved you, you loved her, one sided love does not make life successful, my Rachita’s life would have been ruined, you are a loser, coward, you married me on your mum’s saying, you can’t be trusted, you can’t do anything, you are spineless, why should I listen to you, does anyone listen to you here.

He says fine I m coward and spineless, come with me. He throws her out of the room, and asks her to see what this coward man treats his wife, just get lost. She cries. He shuts the door and says I m not a coward. Rama breaks the flower decorations and says I hate you Amaya, I will make your life hell as you made mine. Rachita talks to Sneha. Sneha says Amaya is responsible for dad’s state.

Amaya cries and apologizes to Rishi, as she had no option than to cheat everyone. She is sitting in the store room and crying. Mantu comes there and says Amaya I m waiting for your answer, just say me once, after I confessed love, you promised you will reply. She asks is he mad or a fool, to ask the same to her now. She says this is my answer. He asks what about I have seen in your eyes and felt with you. She says so what, you were foolish to run after me, but now Rama and I got married. Mantu says Uma said right, city girls can’t be trusted, you used me, you don’t deserve even my hatred, I did not think you will fall so low, you have hurt Rachita, and ruined your family’s respect, I hate seeing you, and angry on myself to love you.

She says enough, this sindoor and mangalsutra is of Rama’s name, I m his wife, keep this in mind, you can go from here now. Mantu cries and says I did not see such shameless woman in my life, the cheat you did with your family, Lord will also not forgive you. He leaves.

Mantu comes out and says he will never forget the wounds Amaya gave to his heart. Sumitra checks Amaya’s bags and says there is no cash in this. Dev calls her and asks how did she change her decision, she was against that marriage, she said that she will insult Gajanand, whats this joke that you made that second girl your bahu. Sumitra says she got Sneha’s haveli on her name, she did this for her profit, she has thought big game for Amaya. She ends the call.

Amaya says I know everyone hates me, mum, sisters, Rama and Mantu, they don’t know the reason of my cheat, they don’t know the truth and I will never let them know, I have to become more strong, I will make this hatred my strength, dad always said I m his super girl, its time I become his super girl and show them, I want dad’s support, then I will make everything fine.

Amaya knocks Rama’s room’s door. Rama says he won’t open the door, she can just keep knocking. He then opens the door and asks her to leave. She says she is his wife, she married him, its his room, he has no right to tell her anything. She sleeps on the ground.

Its morning, Sumitra boils milk. Bua asks about Amaya. They plan to make Amaya their maid and go to Rama’s room. They ask Rama about Amaya. They all wonder where is Amaya.

Sumitra asks Amaya to wear saree and do first rasoi ritual. Amaya finds all boxes in kitchen empty. She says even salt container is empty, how will she make food now.

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