Swaragini 4th September 2015 Written Episode

Laksh sprinkles water on Ragini and wakes her up. Ragini pretends to wake up and eyes Swara. Shekhar asks Sumi not to act and says your daughter has crossed all the limits today. She has tried to take my daughter’s life. Sumi asks what you are saying? He says ask Swara, why she is taking revenge? Did she act to be good? Sumi shouts Shekhar. Shekhar says one day I said father less girls are like this only. Sumi says I proved you wrong that time. Shekhar says I was always right. Did you know what she has done to Ragini. She tried to kill my Ragini, she tied her hands and legs, and left her in car to give her death. Everyone is shocked. He asks why she want to take her life? What did Ragini do with her. He says did Ragini tied her hands and locked herself. Sumi says I will not say anything as you will not believe me.

Ragini acts and gets up, tells Laksh that she is fine. She goes to Swara and asks why you have done this? First you called me to your room and apologized to me saying you will leave from my life, made me believe that you will reveal your fake marriage to everyone, and then will leave the house leaving Laksh. She says today you tried to kill me? Swara asks her to stop it? She says you tried to kill me on my marriage day. Everyone is shocked. A flashback is shown. Swara tells everything, how Ragini tried to kill her. She says I don’t want to tell your truth to anyone, but you didn’t leave an option for me.

Shekhar asks Swara to stop it. Shekhar asks Swara to stop her acting and says he repents to give her name. He says today my daughter brought your truth infront of everyone, then you are blaming my daughter. You are liar from head to toe and badmouthing about Ragini. Just look at her, she sacrificed her love for you, and then married Laksh as you went away. Why you are after her happiness. Sumi recalls Dida’s warning that she is doing mistake by marrying shekhar. Shekhar tells I did a mistake by marrying your mum and made even more mistake by giving my name to you. He asks Sumi to tell swara’s truth to everyone. Sumi asks which truth? Shekhar says Swara and Sanskar’s truth, which you told me.

Sumi says I didn’t tell you anything. Shekhar says then why did we come here? Sumi says we came here to take Swara back to home. Shekhar says I am your husband. Sumi says you are a husband, but not God who knows truth or wrong. She refuses to tell him anything. Shekhar says I was mad to think that there was hope in every relation, but you have proved that we can’t be one. Swara is shocked, while Ragini pretends to be shock as she wants them to separate.

Shekhar keeps his hand on Ragini’s head and promises to stay with her irrespective of the circumstances. Sumi keeps her hand on Swara’s head and tells I will always support you irrespective of the circumstances. Shekhar goes after apologizing to Durga Prasad and his family. She tells that Swara didn’t do anything. She folds her hand and says I hope truth will come out soon. Ragini tells she is saying truth. Sanskar asks what proof do you have? Ragini tells Swara couldn’t bear when Laksh decided to give her wifey rights, and did this.

Swara rushes out and tells Shekhar that he can’t end his relation with mum. Shekhar asks her to stop it and says you have lost the right to call me baba. I was proud of Swaragini, but you forced me to believe that I have only one daughter. He leaves. Swara asks Sumi, why did you lie? Sumi says because I have realized my importance in his life. She says Shekhar will come back to her and will apologize too. She asks her to bring Ragini’s truth and tells she is with her always. She tells she lied for a good cause and blesses her.

Durga Prasad tells that Maheshwari family have stayed under one roof since years, but it can’t happen anymore. He tells Sanskar to go with Swara to his other house, after the puja. Sanskar objects. Annapurna folds her hands and asks him to leave the house with Swara. She says they can’t tolerate daily fights. Sanskar agrees to leave the house with Swara.

Dadi tells Shekhar that Ragini called and told her everything. Shekhar tells Sumi lied infront of everyone. He says I did a mistake and married her. Dadi says I also did a mistake and accepted Swara as my grand daughter. Sumi cries and rest on Dida’s lap. She tells I did a mistake and married Shekhar against your wish. She says Shekhar don’t want to hear anything against Ragini. Dida tells Shekhar is blinded in Ragini’s innocent behavior and didn’t know about her doings. Dadi comes and tells she came to give divorce papers sent by Shekhar. She says nothing is left in this relation and divorce is good. Dida goes after Dadi. Sumi recalls her happy moments with Shekhar while a song plays……..Dida asks Dadi, what you have done? Dadi says your daughter has done all. I am just sealing your daughter’s decision. Dida tries to make her understand that Ragini is fooling them. Dadi asks her not to say anything against her grand daughter, and asks Sumi to sign peacefully else they will meet in court. Sumi checks the papers and says Shekhar has signed on the papers. She says he don’t want this relation and cries. Dida hugs her and cries.

Swara tells Sanskar that Ragini has trapped them and turned everything. She says she thinks of her as innocent, but she is so clever. Sanskar says Annapurna asked her to leave the house with folded hands. Swara says we can’t leave until we expose Ragini. Swara gets Dida’s call and is shocked. Sanskar asks what happened? Dadi calls Ragini and tells her that Shekhar is divorcing Sumi. Ragini acts to sheds tears and tells Sumi is her mum. She informs Swara that Durga Prasad asked Swara and Sanskar to leave the house. Dadi gets happy. Dadi tells I am supporting you as you are right and sacred like Ganga. You couldn’t do any mistake else I would have given you punishment. Ragini hears her. Swara tells that Shekhar gave divorce papers to Sumi and cries. Sanskar says you can’t accept defeat as you are right. Swara hugs him and cries. Sanskar gives her strength and says I am here to remind of your lecture. Swara asks what we will do now. Sanskar says we have to leave the house, as we don’t have any option. Let’s go and do puja, may be God could help us. They go downstairs for puja.

Seara and Ragini give bath to God’s idol. Annapurna and Sujata makes him wear the clothes. Annapurna asks Sujata to place the idol on its place. They swing the swinger and tells Kanha’s story. Swara gets an idea hearing kanha ji katha and thanks him for showing the way. Everyone do the aarti. Ragini and Swara distribute prasad to everyone. Sanskar says I will bring the stuff.

Durga Prasad stops him and says there is raining outside and thunderstorm is going to come. He asks him to go tomorrow morning. Ragini gets tensed.

Swara and Sanskar leave the house. Swara warns Ragini and tells her that she will expose her wrong doings. She tells that they will stay nearby to house in a tent and that too grandly.

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