Sasuraal Simar Ka 5th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajeev says its 10 why that witch is still not here. Amar said they have so much power. Why isn’t mohini here. Bell rings. Mohini comes in. Sunanda says to mohini i know you have doubts but I have investigated well. I have asked for 25 lacs as well. Mohini says we will find your son soon. where is your wife? He says she is in her room. She is really upset. she doesn’t believe in blackmagic but I will do anything to get my son back. Mohini says I need his picture and a cloth worn by him. He says yes give me a moment. He shows them the picture and gives them a t-shirt. Mohini says I would do this pooja at my place you will have to come there. He says I am ready to come anywhere.

In bharadwaj house, Simar says the text should have come by now. Pari wonders what text they are waiting for. Simar gets a text. She nods at mata ji. Simar says we should leave. Pari says no one will go anywhere. Stay where you are. Shalu says you woke up pari? You should rest. Lets go to the room. He wants to grasps her. She runs and shoves everyone. shalu says pari stop there. she says you can’t catch me. She shoves shalu, he falls on the pots. They fall simar holds them. Mohini says they will break themselves after three days. Sankalp and sattu grab pari. Sankalp says amar and simar you should go. Simar and amar leave.

Simar says everything is going as we planned. Amar says rajeev must have kept the door open. Simar says we should go in mohini must be about to start the pooja. Simar says mohini is engrosed in her pooja we should go in. They enter the house.
They see prem roped on a chair.
Amar says simar you have to stay strong.
Mohini says to rajeev you can go. We will do rest of the pooja. He says when will you find out my soon? She says soon. She says don’t tell anyone that i am helping you. He says i wont tell anyone don’t worry. Amar sprays something in the room. Sunanda starts coughing. Mohini says whats wrong? she says i can’t breathe. Mohini says yes i too. Simar comes out Mohini looks dazed at her. Mohini says to sunanda this was your investigation? Look now it was this simar’s game to find us. simar claps and says wow you understood everything very well. You are right this was my game. Now you are trapped. Simar says Mohini your game is over. Until this sprays effect lasts i will be worst to you. Mohini says I wont leave you. she takes her phone and calls someone. Simar wonders whom is she calling. mohini calls pari’s phone. Shalu sees it and says its mohini. Shalu picks the phone. Mohini says pari simar has deceived me. Kill everyone in their family and break the three pots as well. Mohini faints. Simar and amar are scared. Amar says she created a problem for us. Pari is under her control simar says so is prem. Amar says you go home I will take prem home. Simar says please be careful.

Pari throttles everyone. She beats everyone down. They all try to stop her. Pari brings a rod and hits everyone with it. she gazes at the pots and is about to hit them. Simar comes and says pari stop. Pari breaks them. Everyone is taken aback.

Precap-Simar runs out in dark. The black cat stops her. .

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