Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj finding Rohan. Rohan changes his clothes and mixes with the group. He says he will burn these papers, as its big proof against him. He goes near the diya to burn the papers and smiles. The diya gets blown off. Yuvraaj and Rohan see each other. Rohan runs from there. Yuvraaj runs to catch him. Rohan sees the group dancing in the Janmashtami function and sees the Dahi handi. He puts the papers inside the dahi handi. Yuvraaj sees Rohan there.

Rohan asks the men to take the matki. Yuvraaj asks Rohan to stop there and runs to him. The matki/handi is tied to the flower garlands rope and pulled at high height. Yuvraaj looks at the handi. Rohan smiles. Soumya, Krishna, Dadi, Rags and Menka come there. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to leave it now, its too much, I did not tell you as its legal work, but today every bad thing from your life will end. The man says this is Allahabad’s highest matki, it was broken 5 years ago, lets see who breaks it today. Anuj asks Yuvraaj did he know anything. Yuvraaj tells him that papers are in that matki.

Yuvraaj goes to climb the pyramid to take the papers. Krishna asks why is Yuvraaj going there, is he going to break matki. Rohan climbs. Suhani asks Yuvraaj not to go. Krishna comes to Yuvraaj and says you got my love back for me, I m with you as I know the pain to lose love. He supports Yuvraaj and makes her climb. Krishna and Anuj make Yuvraaj step high. Dadi says whats Yuvraaj doing. Suhani and Bhavna worry seeing Yuvraaj.

Rags says Dadi whats going on. Menka says Yuvraaj loves Suhani, else why would he do this hardwork. The man stops Rohan and says Yuvraaj will need his help to break matki. Rohan says no, I will break it. The man asks him to stop, Yuvraaj will break it by standing on his shoulder. Yuvraaj and Rohan come face to face at the top most level.

Rohan bends and Yuvraaj gets on his shoulder. Everyone look on worried. Bhavna asks Suhani did Yuvraaj do this before. Suhani says no, he does not like all this, don’t know why is he doing this. Yuvraaj gets the coconut from the matki, and is about to break it. Rohan thinks he can’t lose Suhani like this, and makes Yuvraaj fall down. Suhani shouts Yuvraaj, as he falls down from the top. Everyone get shocked.

Suhani and everyone run to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj lies semi conscious. Suhani takes him in her lap and asks him to open his eyes. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to get up. Suhani asks them to call doctor and cries. Rohan looks on. Pratima and Dadi cry. They all rush Yuvraaj to the hospital. Suhani asks him to open his eyes. Rags asks Suhani why is she crying, its all because of her. Rohan asks Rags not to I insult Suhani. Pratima scolds Rags.

The doctor says he fell from much height, we have to get xray and tests done. Suhani asks him to save Yuvraaj. Anuj says she is Yuvraaj’s wife. Dadi says no, she is nothing to Yuvraaj. She asks Suhani to leave from here. Anuj says Dadi please.. Dadi says stop it Anuj. Suhani says its not time to fight, we all should pray for him. Dadi says yes, Yuvraaj needs his family, not a problem like you. She asks her to go from here, since Suhani came in his life, nothing good happened, he was breaking matki for her, its all because of Suhani. Dadi cries and asks Suhani to leave from his life if she wants to see Yuvraaj happy. She warns Suhani that she will kill him if anything happens to Yuvraaj. Rohan looks on.

Suhani leaves from there. Soumya stops her and asks how can she agree to Dadi, as Dadi always wanted to make you leave from the house, come with me. Soumya brings Suhani back and tells Dadi that Yuvraaj went to break the matki as he does not want Suhani and Rohan to marry, you know this Dadi. Suhani says no need to argue Soumya, Yuvraaj’s health is more imp. She tells Lata that she has to fulfill the promise given to her.

Rohan sits thinking and says shall I tell the truth to Dadi, maybe… Suhani says you wanted to have engagement done today. Soumya asks Suhani how can she do this. Pankaj says yes, Yuvraaj is fighting with life and death. Suhani says yes, so I m doing this, so that I can go away from Yuvraaj’s life, Dadi is right, nothing good happines with him after I came in his life, Dadi hates me and loves Yuvraaj double of that, I will not break Dadi’s hope, they all wanted this that her engagement happens today. The doctor checks Yuvraaj’s reports and says his reports are normal, no need of surgery, but maybe some internal injuries, he needs to get conscious till morning, else….. Pratima looks on and cries seeing Yuvraaj.

Suhani talks to Yuvraaj and says they all were waiting for him to get up. He opens eyes and sees her mangalsutra. He asks her about it. She says she has married Rohan. He gets shocked.

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