Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bau ji slapping Bihaan. He scolds him for ruining Thapki’s happiness. He says you cheated me, not Thapki, I will kill you. Bihaan cries. Vasundara gets shocked seeing Bau ji aiming gun at Bihaan. Dadi and Kiran ask Bau ji to stop. Bihaan sits holding the gun and surrenders to Bau ji. He asks Bau ji to kill him, as he has given this life to him. Bau ji says yes, and shoots. Vasundara lifts his hand and he shoots in air. Bau ji says I will kill him. She asks him to stop it. Bau ji says tell me to go away from their eyes. Vasundara says she has seen how Bihaan is to them, and asks him to leave from this house. She takes him away and says she is helpless to do this, but its better if he leaves now. Bihaan leaves.

Krishnakant is unwell and tells Aditi that he did not feel her boss will agree to leave. Aditi says his son helped me, he is nice. She asks him to show his cough to any doctor. Diwakar and Manju see them. Diwakar taunts them, and Aditi scolds them. They leave. Dhruv asks Thapki to open the door. Dadi asks Dhruv to see by window, if Thapki does anything wrong. Bau ji asks Dhruv to open the door. Dhruv tries to break the door. Thapki opens the door and cries.

She brings the Tajmahal. Dhruv holds her and asks is she fine. She moves him away and says you said you won’t let anything wrong happen with him, then how did this happen. She says you told me you will never leave my hand, and left me on marriage day, I have trusted you the most, you broke my trust, and all promises too. Dhruv cries.

She returns the Tajmahal and it falls. They recall their moments and cry. Thapki hugs Vasundara and cries, saying everything for over, you are so good as you don’t like stammering people, even then my fate does not have your love for me, now I can’t stay here, I have to leave from here. Vasundara worries Thapki can come in Dhruv’s life again. Thapki tells Dadi that she can’t stay here as she has no relation with Dhruv. Dadi cries. Thapki asks Bau ji to let her go, and hugs him. She goes from there. They all try to stop her. Dhruv cries taking the Tajmahal.

Suman and Preeti look on. They talk that Vasundara hugged Bihaan and did not scold Bihaan, after he married Thapki, maybe she did not know what Bihaan do, she is also in shock. Thapki comes out and sees Bihaan sitting outside. She cries recalling her grahpravesh. She says congrats Bihaan, you have won, this is what you wanted to do. She says she stammers since her childhood, she has this problem, kids used to make fun of me, she did not get job anywhere, but she did not feel bad of anything. Everyone look on. Thapki says those who used to laugh on me, I used to laugh with them, so that they can’t snatch their confidence and happiness. She says you are the first one who has snatched her everything. She has lost her most imp relation in her life, but he did not win even now, he has cheated her by marrying her, btu she will not accept him as her husband. She breaks her mangalsutra and returns to Bihaan. She says she has no place for this cheat in her life and leaves.

She comes out and see water pipe. She recalls Bihaan filling sindoor in her maang and puts water on her maang to make the sindoor wiped off. She says this sindoor has no place in her life and cries. Everyone look on shocked.

Dhruv tells Vasundara that Thapki is not at her home, if anything happens to her…. He gets angry seeing Bihaan and says if anything happens to Thapki, then no one will be more worse than me.

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