Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya following Manjari’s orders. Chandu looks on as Sandhya runs. She goes far and looks in the jungle. She thinks the foreigner disappeared from here, whats here that I can’t see, time is passing by. Sooraj and Lalima come out and see the kids playing. She asks Sooraj to play. Sooraj says I will also play today. He plays with Ved and kids. He asks Lalima to see Sandhya’s best shot. Bhabho smiles seeing Sooraj. Lalima sees small procession and Lord idol being brought by people and diyas kept in it. She thinks if Sooraj sees fire, no I can’t let this happen. She says Sooraj ji, and stops him from the diyas, and hugs him. Meenakshi, Bhabho and all neighbors get shocked.

Bhabho sees the diyas and sees Lalima turning Sooraj. Lalima says sorry, I slipped. Bhabho asks Sooraj and kids to come inside. Meenakshi says such a shameless girl. She talks to Daisa and apologizes to her, and says Lalima is stubborn. Kakisa says such shameless things can’t go on here. Meenakshi apologizes.

Sandhya thinks what was Officer Singh wishing to tell me, what can I mean. She says what can be the meaning of this, I m not able to reach anywhere. Sooraj holds her and says Sandhya…. She smiles seeing him and hugs him. Diya aur baati……………plays………..he encourages her saying person loses only if heart loses, and asks her to fulfill the test and win. She cries. He says I m with you, I m sure Sandhya will win this fight. She says she will come back soon to him after ending this mission. They hug. Tum jo sang……………plays……….. Her imagination ends. She thanks Sooraj and smiles.

Sandhya attends training again. Manjari tells how everyone is performing, and the foolish Sagarika is at the last place, she can’t even aim right. Sandhya says Manjari Maa… Manjari says say commando, Shekhar came here to choose the best. Chandu says he will take their test to know who is the best commando among them. The man gives guns to everyone. Chandu asks them to put this gun at their forehead and pull the trigger. Sandhya aims gun at her head, while no one else does so. Shekhar and Manjari look on shocked. The girl asks Sandhya what is she doing.

Sandhya thinks she is trained by Officer Singh, she knows whether the gun is loaded or empty, Shekhar is just testing our fear, and pulls the trigger. Shekhar and Manjari get impressed. Shekhar chooses Sagarika for the mission. Sandhya thinks now she will get to know their plan. Daisa and neighbors come to scold Lalima for her shamelessness. Daisa asks whats her relation. Lalima says our relation is like Chandan and water. The people call her shameless to stay with Sooraj without any relation. Lokesh comes there and looks on. Bhabho says its our personal matter and asks them to leave, Daisa says then keep this matter limited to home, we will not bear this. Meenakshi asks Lokesh to take his sister right away.

Lokesh asks Lalima to answer her if not them, the people won’t understand that she is here to cure Sooraj, they are saying bad about her. She says she does not care about others, its enough that he trusts her, she is doing this for Sooraj’s good, she will hear people’s taunts. He says there is limit to help anyone by pity, tell me do you love Sooraj.

He asks how can she love Sooraj knowing he loves his first wife a lot, he will never love you. She says expecting love in return is selfishness, my love will never change for her, even if Sooraj does not love me, our relation is like a Lord and devotee. He says this is Kalyug, and no one will understand her true love, how can he leave his sister here, come with me. Bhabho looks on. Shekhar and Manjari bring Sandhya with them. He is about to slit her hand.

Chandu/Shekhar slits Sandhya’s hand and it bleeds. Sooraj wakes up feeling Sandhya in pain.

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