Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manoj asking Shagun why was Raman scolding her, how is he related to Raman. She says its long story. He says we will go home and talk. She says no, I know you came here to discuss Ishita’s case, I will go. He asks her to promise she will say entire truth to him. She says I will meet you at home and leaves. He says whats happening, whats her connection with Bhallas. The family gets happy by Ishita’s news. Manoj smiles seeing the family happy. Sarika says congrats Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla’s extra care was for the baby. Simmi and Ananya come home. She hugs Ishita for the surprise and is glad.

Ishita asks Neelu about Adi, and wants to see him once. Raman says Adi will have food, you sit and have food. Manoj dines with them. Its night, Raman and Ishita have a talk. He asks whats the matter. She tells about Adi. He says Shagun did this. She says no, I think something else is troubling him, lets give him some time. He asks her not to worry, and feels Shagun is responsible for this.

Shagun packs her bag and tells Manoj that she is leaving city. He asks whats the problem. She says you won’t understand. He holds her and asks her to explain, whats her relation with Raman and Ishita. She says she is Raman’s ex wife. He gets stunned. She says Ruhi and Adi are her children, she left Raman for Ashok, she left Ruhi when she was 6 months old and Adi was unstable because of me, I m terrible mum, I was breaking Ishita’s marriage, I m very bad, selfish woman, I can’t think of anyone else, so please be away from my life, I don’t know anything else than giving pain, I will leave.

He stops her and says you won’t go, everyone has past, believe me you are not the one you were before, I assure you are Ruhi now. She cries and thanks him for trusting her. Its morning, Bhala family is busy in arrangements. Ishita talks to Mihir and asks did he get rakhi. Rinki comes home and argues with her brothers. Raman and Romi sit. Simmi and Rinki do the rakhi rituals. Raman gives Simmi her new flat’s receipt after he did the down payment. Simmi asks whats the need. Raman says you are making a new start, that’s why.

Mr. Bhalla says Raman you already did a lot, Simmi is my responsibility, my savings, lands and property, I will distribute equally. Raman asks why. Mrs. Bhalla says you all will get equal share. Ishita says she will call Ruhi. Romi tells Sarika that he will give her gift. She sees the bread pakodas, and smiles. He says he got this for her, he likes it and makes her taste. She asks about Raman gifting flat to Simmi. He says sharing is good, I m glad Rohit will learn this too.

Ashok talks to some man Shyam and asks is his son still ill. He says Adi is fine, he stays with his dad. Shyam says you loved Adi a lot, I remember you bought car for him. Ashok says yes, but I m worried for your son. Shyam says its his fate, how can I change, treatment is costly. Ashok says I will give money, you have to do small work for me, Shyam asks what. Ashok says you have to do Ishita’s accident and explains him…. Shyam gets thinking. Ashok says you will do this for saving your son’s life, think. Shyam asks will he get money. Ashok says yes, after work ends, if you go jail by chance, I will get your son treated. Shyam agrees. Ashok asks him to go.

Adi gets ready and comes. Mrs. Bhalla compliments him. Shravan comes and shows his rakhi. Adi says Ruhi is getting ready, he will call her. Adi comes to Ruhi and sees Ruhi tying the rakhi to Ishita waist, which she made on her own. Ishita asks Adi to come. Adi says no, and asks Ruhi to come. Ruhi says wiat, baby is small, I will tie rakhi to you later. Adi goes. Ishita tells Ruhi that Adi is hungry, and asks Ruhi to tie rakhi to Adi soon. Ishita comes to Adi and gives him the gift, asking him to give Ruhi. He refuses. Simmi and Sarika bring Ananya and Rohit.

Simmi makes Ananya tie rakhi to Adi. Adi gives Ruhi’s gift to Ananya. Ishita looks on. Ruhi comes there and Adi leaves. Ruhi says she got small rakhi for Rohit also. Ishita goes to Adi and asks why did he give Ruhi’s gift to Ananya and talks to him. She finds him annoyed and asks him to pay her for the gift by his pocket money, they will go and buy gift now, she is giving him loan, so she has to see whether he is investing in right place.

Ishita and Adi buy gifts for Ruhi and he is glad. She asks him to come. He says there is something on this. She says its traffic, be careful. He sees the car coming to hit Ishita.

Raman is angry on Ishita’s carelessness and talks to Adi. Manoj says he just said the truth. Shagun asks why does he care if anyone badmouths about her.

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