Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th September 2015 Written Episode

Madhiam Singhani raises his hand and requests the principal to hear him. After standing up he says that he missed a name.
Nyonika asks an employee that did they announce the names of the candidates for president and general secretary and after getting the answer in positive she smiles.
Aaliya says that Madhiam Singhani has got some nerves to stand up like that and say that he wants to stand up for the elections . she further sys that he is also not eligible. Mukti adds that thus guy is getting on her nerves and Nandhani says that she wants to win this for Manik and for the rest of them.
Mukti says that she will be with Nandhani and Aaliya says that she will be with Harshad and so Nandhani will have no problem.
Mukti says that they should make some posters of him and circulate it all around the collage to help him in his campaign. Mukti devises an evil plan to teach that new guy a lesson and after a while they are standing with a pile of cow dung so that when he comes they make a fool out of him. As soon as they see him coming they get ready but at the last moment Nyonika also comes from the other side and they both nearly stop eachother from falling.
Nyonika gets angry and advices him to mend his ways because if he does not then he will be in big trouble.
He knows that Mukti and the rest of them are behind it and says to them that he is not impressed with their pranks because he did them in the second grade.
He is asking the secretary about the whereabouts of Nyonika but he says that he does not where she is and when she comes he says that he wants to be the general sectar. Nyonika hearing this says that does he really thing that he is elgable to participate in the election. Madhaim says that this collage needs someone with a vision and he has that Nyonika gets impressed and says that she will announce the decision soon. Madhiam after listening to the verdict leaves.
Nandhani and Aryaman are sitting and Aryaman says that they should get ready for the elections Nandhani asks for some time and so he leaves. Nandhani is applying supplements on her hair when suddenly Naviya comes with her son and the start to talk amidst all their talking Madhaim comes and asks Nandhani about the whereabuts of her gang and even taunts Naviya on which Nandhani gets angry and challenges him to a faceoff which he accepts and leaves.
Nandhani explains the plan to everyone and they all place posters and make the necessary arrangements . after all of it is done the face off begins and Nandhani gets a warm welcome while Madhiam not so much. Nandhani begins with a traditional instrument and everyone likes it but he begins in the middle of her performance and Nandhani gets angry and again starts until his instrument breaks down and they all declair Nandhani as the winner

Precap: Nandhani says that she does not know what happened. Mukti tells Aaliya that it is the right time to tell Nandhani what happened, Madhiam wishes Nandhani luck and says that she will need it to beat him.

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