Sasuraal Simar Ka 7th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
They are all scared to see the black cat. Simar says how did it come here. Simar says this cat stopped pari bhabhi? It does as the witches direct. Why did it stop pair bhabhu from breaking the pots. Mata ji says thank God these pots didn’t break. Simar says why is this cat looking at me again and again. Does it want to say something? Simar says i feel like this cat is trying to say something. It saved the pots. I think i should follow this cat. Simar says this cat saved the pots. please i think this is new ray of hope. Sujata says i think simar is right. SImar says i will be all right. ranjhinder says let her go. Simar says be careful simar. God is with us.
Mata ji says i hope what simar thinks is right.
Simar goes out in dark and follows the cat. The cat points at the mahakumb’s poster.

Sunanda gets up. She wakes mohini up as well. Mohini says what place is this? That simar and amar brought us here. Sunanda says how will we get out of this place? There is no window or door. I am suffocating. Mohini says don’t worry i will find a way out.
Mohini looks and says maa here is the door. We will get out. But this door is locked from outside. Help me in opening it. They try and break the door. Mohini is stops as there is stuff from temple on the door.

Simar says they will flee. amar says they can’t even step on something from temple. I have locked them inside the temple. They can’t come out of that alcove. There are only two options first enter the temple which is more like suicide or second sit where they are. they can’t do anything now. simar you can go to nasik. Mata ji says simar prepare to go there. Pari says in heart if simar leaves this can create problems i have to take mohini and sunanda out of there.
Mohini tries to do her blackmagic but it reverts on her. Sunanda says this is not an ordinary thread. Mohini says these good powers can’t fight my powers. Sunanda says are you okay? Mohini says simar must have planned something big. We have to get out of here. sunanda says nothing is working. How will we get out.

Simar hears prem’s voice. She turns back and sees that prem is standing on the door. He says do you miss me? He says I am here with you. You promised me you will nevre cry. You said you will always be happy. You cant fall prey to all this. You can’t be weak. simar smiles and says i am not weak. Sanju says mama.. Simar says sanju look papa. She looks back no one is there. Sanju says mama papa is there. Simar looks at prem on the bed. Simar says i haven’t forgotten anything. I remember all the promises my happiness is from you and my family. I will take my family out of all this. She says today your simar promises you one more thing this time i wont come back empty handed. Roli sid and anjali, i will bring them all back. I promise you. Sanju says mama are you going somewhere? Simar says yes. but you will take care of papa. She says promise. Sanjana says all the best mama.

Mata ji does simar’s arti. Mata ji tells her about mahakumb. She says in mahakumb all the sinners die. Simar is going to fight this mahakumb take care of her God. Simar leaves. Pari sees the knife in fruits.
Everyone sees simar off. She hugs everyone. Sujata says take care. Uma says all the best. Simar says you all take care as well. Simr sits in the car and leaves. Mata ji says lets all pray for her.

Precap-Mohini says to sunanda simar had left for mahakumb.

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