Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shekhar telling Sandhya their plan of a grand marriage going on and they would steal cash to get Garjana plan executed. She thinks she has to be with Shekhar and know their plan, she has to pass info about the foreigner. Shekhar says we have to be careful. A man brings some box. Sandhya asks Shekhar what is it. He says don’t worry, trust me, you are brave soldier of Garjana, we have to do this for our mission. She asks what. He asks her to give her hand and slits it a bit. Sooraj wakes up and says Sandhya. Shekhar implants a chip in her hand and stitches the wound, saying this chip will give them her location. Sandhya cries with pain.

He gives the gun and details to Manjari. Sandhya thinks she can’t even talk to any police officer now, as she has this chip in her hand. Manjari asks Sandhya to come. Sandhya thinks she has buried Officer Singh’s ashes here, the marriage function has a lake nearby and I can leave the ashes in that lake. She falls there and Manjari scolds her. Sandhya runs and takes the ashes pot. Sandhya takes the ashes pot and leaves from the place.

Lalima sleeps on the ground and feels cold. Bhabho comes to her and holds her. Lalima gets up. Bhabho asks her to sleep in Chavi’s room, its vacant. Lalima says I m fine here. Bhabho folds hands and Lalima holds her hand. The marriage function in the Muslim household start. The lady shows the jewelry and 21 lakhs as gift amount for the groom. Manjari comes there and looks around. She greets the lady and says she is Ruksana, some relative. The lady says I m sorry. Manjari hugs her and compliments her sweetly.

Manjari sees the bride and acts sweet. The lady shows the nek items. Manjari asks 21 lakhs as Salami, great. She asks why did she leave this open, thieves can see it. The lady says no, guards are here for the security. Manjari thinks time will say how good are the guards, where did Sagarika go.

Manjari sees Sagarika and says great, dancer is also there. Sandhya covers her face and dances on the song Parde me rehne do…….Manjari goes and beats the guards down. She takes the vacuum cleaner and takes the jewelry. She thi nks to find some other way. Manjari steals the cash. Sandhya pushes the lady towards the jewelry stage, and thinks to catch the guard’s attention towards her. The lady reacts seeing the cash and jewelry missing. Sandhya collides with the guard and he follows her. She runs from there.

Shekhar tries calling Sagarika and calls Manjari. He hears Sagarika asking Manjari to run with the cash, and gets glad. Sandhya says she is seen by the guard, and makes Manjari run. The guard asks Sandhya to stop. Shekhar says Sagarika is on problem. Manjari sees the ashes pot in the car and checks it. She says it means Sagarika lied that day, she is really hiding something, but what…..

Sandhya acts that she did not steal and asks the person not to kill her. She shoots on her hand chip. Manjari looks on and gets shocked. Manjari sees Officer Singh and Sandhya’s pic in the tab.

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