Tere Sheher Mein 7th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sneha and Rachita leaving to meet Amaya. Amaya comes there. Rachita and Jaz hug her. Rachita says we were coming to meet you at your inlaws. Amaya says now this is my inlaws home. Sumitra comes and tells Sneha that Amaya named this house to her. They all get shocked. Dimple asks when did this happen. She shows the papers to Sneha. Sneha gets shocked seeing her signs. She says this is not my sign, whats all this and throws the papers, saying its fake. Rachita asks Amaya to say whats all this. Amaya says this is mum’s sign and reminds her about consent papers in hospital.

She says now this haveli belongs to Sumitra legally. Sneha is shocked. Sumitra says now we have become neighbors and asks Rama to come. Sneha asks Rachita to see her Amaya. She scolds Amaya. Rachita says lets hear Amaya first. Sneha says no need, whats there to ask her. Amaya says she got her love and wanted lavish life. She asks them to leave the haveli, as its their haveli now legally. Rudra asks Rama to show his creep face, he wanted this haveli so he married Amaya. Amaya asks Rachita to show papers to Sneha, that this haveli is theirs now. Rachita asks what is she saying.

Rachita says we will solve this problem, just share with me. Amaya asks Sumitra to come. Pushpa says why did she not die before seeing this. Sumitra laughs. Nani says its all fine till now, but Sumitra has to keep an eye on Amaya. Sumitra says she can’t wink without my permission, choose your rooms. Bua says she wants big room. Mohini says my mum and I will take big room. Sumitra says all rooms are big here. Sumitra warns Amaya and threatens her about Rachita’s truth. She asks Amaya not to forget the deal. She says you fooled us and made junk noodles, now go and make good food, Rama got the ration, do first rasoi rasam, make tea for us now.

Amaya thinks what to make of spinach. She sees the items and does not find lemon. She asks Rama to get lemon, she is making lunch. Rama argues with him. She asks why does he dislike truth, he always have to sell the kirana items, does he have any ambition, she has wishes and he has to fulfill it. He says he is not liar at home, he does not cheat his family, you are a stain on your family. She thinks she won’t let his bitter words affect her, Rama is a coward to agree to his mum and marry her, she is stuck now.

Sneha, Rachita and Jaz go in Chobey Nivaas. The brick partition is formed. Rudra says he will call police. Sneha says yes, call police. Rachita stops him. She says Amaya is her sister and explains Sneha that they will lose name. Pushpa says yes, Rachita is right. Rachita says I have seen Amaya’s eyes, she is lying, I will go and talk to her. Sneha stops her. Rachita says just once. Sneha says if you go there, you will insult me like Amaya.

Nani asks Sumitra to control Amaya. Sumitra says she will keep Amaya busy in work, and then she won’t have time to think. Amaya hears their planning and says she knows what to do now. Amaya comes to kitchen and says they want to make me maid, I will show them now. She puts the pulses and spices in the cooker, and adds less water so that the cooker blows, then they will not trouble her. She leaves from there before cooker blows on her.

Sumitra talks to the ladies. Rachita and Jaz look on. Amaya thinks when the cooker blows, they will know it. Rachita says how will Amaya manage to cook. Jaz says leave it, she does not stay with us now. Sneha takes them with her. Bua says if Amaya cooks well, I will ruin the food. They laugh. Amaya looks on. Bua goes to add spices. Amaya worries seeing her and runs to stop her. She goes there and says Bua ji…. The cooker blows.

Everyone rush in kitchen after hearing the cooker blowing sound.

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