Sasuraal Simar Ka 8th September 2015 Written Episode

They all come in after seeing simar off and realize that pari has fled. They all look for pari but she is not home. Sattu says we looked everywhere. Mata ji says where can she go? Sujata says maybe she is after simar to harm her. We should stop simar. Mata ji says mohini and sunanda are detained. Pari can’t do anything and don’t stop simar. We will face whatever happens here.

Pari goes to temple and says amar has sent me to take Sunanda and mohini with me. Pandit ji says amar has asked me not give this key to anyone. She says amar has sent me himself. He says call amar if he says i will give you keys. Sanju is with pari. Pandit ji says she is lying amar didn’t ask her. Pandit ji says leave the temple. Pari throttles panditji.

Khushi says pari has not gone alone she has taken sanju with her. Prem is in his room but sanju is no where. Sujata says where can she take her? Jhanvi says maybe she has gone to temple where mohini and sunanda are detained. Amar says she right i should go there. Amar leaves for temple.

People ask pari to leave pandit ji. She says take mohini and sunanda out. Pandir ji asks him boy to bring mohini and sunanda out. He says their feet should touch the ground.
Amar and sattu are on their way. amar asks sattu to all pandit ji. Sunanda and mohini come out. Mohini says very good pari leave him now. Pandit ji asks men there to catch mohini and sunanda.He says they are witches. Mohini takes out her tail. Mohini hits pandit ji with her tail. Pari tells pari that simar has left. She says for mahakumb. Mohini and sunanda are dazed. mohini says this is not possible. Sunanda says why are you so worried? Mohini says if she goes to mahakumb she will find our truth and she will know how to kill us. They take sanju with them and leave for bharadwaj house.

Amar and sattu reach the temple. They see pandit ji ask who did this? He says mohini. pari came here with a child and she took mohini and sunanda with her.

Simaris on her way. Mohini calls her and says simar i am here at your place. simar is dazed. Mohini says you were going to mahakumb so someone had to be here. You always lose. Simar says dont dare harm my family. Mohini says why don’t you go there tomorrow you will have 12 13 more pots. You have half an hour come back here.

Precap-Mohini says to simar hide prem and these pots in the house. If i find them i win. If i dont i will do as you ask.

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