Swaragini 8th September 2015 Written Episode

Sumi tells Dadi that she will not divorce Shekhar and can stay alone. Dadi says you are very stubborn, but we will not trapped by you. You truth is out now and we will break this relation. Sumi says I will never let this happen. Dadi asks her not to blame her for the happenings. Sumi tells Dida that she will not break relation for one misunderstanding. She says I don’t let Swara’s sacrifice go in vain. He don’t hate me, he is just supporting his daughter. When Ragini’s truth will be revealed, then Shekhar will be broken, I can’t let him break being his wife. Swara and Sanskar hears them. Swara gets teary eyes and emotional. Sanskar gives her handkerchief and asks her to be happy as her mum want to give a chance to her married life. He tells you got Jhansi ke Rani guts from her. Swara says Shekhar is influenced by Ragini. She says when her mum is with her, then no one can defeat her. Sanskar jokes with her. Swara says we have to think something soon. Parineeta talks to Adarsh and says lets go outside. Adarsh refuses saying he has to handle work. He tells her that he has a meeting to attend in the evening and asks to serve breakfast. Ragini asks Parineeta, why she is sad? Parineeta tells they never went anywhere in their 3 years old marriage. Ragini looks on.

Dadi talks to lawyer. She then asks Shekhar not to be weak and say that Swara is his daughter. Shekhar says she is my daughter, but I don’t want to have any relation with them and break my innocent daughter’s heart (ragini). Servant informs them that Swara came with some women.

Ragini gives tea to Laksh and tells her that Adarsh is pressurized with work. She says we shall send them somewhere for vacation. Laksh says I will talk to Annapurna. Annapurna comes and tells she will send them, and asks Ragini and Laksh also to go with them. She says she will talk to Durga Prasad. She says it is our duty to think about your happiness.

Dadi asks what is this acting? The women tells that they are from women organisation. She asks Sumi to tell about her mum in law’s tortures. Shekhar comes out. The women ask him, why he wants to divorce his wife. Shekhar points out at Swara and says she is the reason for our divorce. He says she is acting to be married to Sanskar and their marriage is fake. Sanskar says our marriage is not fake and we married in a temple. Swara also says the same. Dida says she has blessed them. Dadi says they have trapped them. The woman asks Dadi to stop it else she will be arrested.

The woman says it seems you hate your bahu very much. Dida says she hates her daughter very much. Dida reminds Shekhar of his marriage with Sumi. The woman asks Sumi to write the complaint in the letter against her mum in law. She says even Swara can write complaint against her grand mum. Dida asks them to come inside. Sumi tells she don’t want to stay with Shekhar like this. Swara tells that she don’t have any option. Sanskar asks Sumi to make their marriage work. The women tells that Swara told them, how Ragini betrayed her. Sanskar gives her strength with his words.

Adarsh tells Laksh that he can’t come, and asks them to go. Laksh says we will go together. Adarsh says we can’t go together as there will be no one to handle work at office. He asks him to cancel the booking. Laksh calls Ragini and informs her that Bhaiyya and Bhabhi are not coming on a vacation. Ragini gets happy and says she will inform bhabhi. She says she will pack her stuff. Laksh tells I have cancelled our tickets too. Ragini gets shocked and teary eyed. She says I can understand. Laksh thanks her and asks to be his best friend also. Ragini throws the phone in anger.

Ragini tells Dadi that she has to make her place at home, and act good. Swara falls inside the tent. Sanskar tries to lift her and have an eye lock. Ragini tells Laksh that she can understand and gives him milk. Laksh cries and tells that no one can understand him, neither Swara nor her. Ragini asks him to take their relation forward and give her wifey rights, and walks out of room.

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