Satrangi Sasural 8th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Girish’s locality and Vibha’s hideout
Arushi takes the directions and starts going towards that side. girish wonders whats she doing here, and is tensed. he thinks that he cant do this, as he cant kill his own sister.

In the tub, Vihaan thinks that he would have to open this drain cap asap. geeta and harpreet see the video conference, and are apalled, and hope that arushi reaches in time. meanwhile, in the hideout, vibha’s guard beside vihaan, falls aside from his chair, down on the ground, unconscious. This disconnects the video call. They are tensed more. Vihaan meanwhile struggles badly to get out of the water, meanwhile having flashes of his life prior to the last time, he drowned, finally the haze clearing up, and he remembering arushi as his wife. meanwhile, arushi arrives at vibha’s den, where vihaan is drowning, thinking that this must be the godown the person was talking about. She searches but doesnt find him, and decides to search somewhere else. as his memory comes back, he gets up from the tub, screaming arushi. She hears this and is overwhelmed. She goes inside, and finds him like that. He tells her that he remembered everything. she is emotionally overwhelmed as they both hug each other. She asks him to get up, while he tells that due to the injection, vibha gave, he isnt able to move or get up on his own. she says that he shall, and helps him try and get up. he manages to struggle with her help, and inch by inch, he struggles out of the bathtub. they confess their love to each other yet again, after a long time. He then is helped by her to get on his feet. they eye each other romantically, their love finally having had a victory, and then hug, but he isnt able to reciprocate, but finally picks up his hand and hugs her back. She says that she had assured him nothing would happen and then tells that they shall have to hurry, as vibha has snatched everything from granny. he is enraged and says that he shall teach her a lesson. She gets mini’s call, and she gives her the good news. they are aall very happy and emotional. geeta asks her to get vihaan back. he asks if they have any info about vibha, and they tell him that its too late, as vibha has gottren granny to sign everything, and she is on her way to their place only. They are surprised. he says that she is mentally psychotic and crippled, and says that they are coming. Arushi cancels the call and asks him to come. But he asks her to go, while he shall be here. she is tensed, but he insists. she is worried. Outside, girish wonders why hasnt arushi come out still, and why is she getting so late. Arushi comes out and walks past. girish closes his eyes. Just then, arushi comes to girish and asks what happened. she is shocked, and then jhanvi too comes and asks him what happened. She hugs him while he is shocked and relieved at the same time. Arushi stands confused. He then remembers that he is having the bomb laden jacket that he is wearing. He asks if she is okay. she says that she is. arushi asks them to tell whats going on. wshen she knows, she is shocked. jhanvi asks her not to worry as she has already called the police. when they arrive, jhanvi asks girish to tell them where the bomb is. As he takes off his blanket, Arushi is shocked to find girish, with him suicide bomb strapping. the police and others get scared too. The police asks the area to be evacuated. they get bto doing it. He asks jhanvi and arushi too to leave, but they decide to stick by since he is family. girish insists them, but they dont listen. the polkice say that if anything happens, they shall be responsible solely. They stick. The bomb defusing squad try and defuse the bomb, while jhanvi and arushi fervently pray, as all watch tensedly. finally, the squad successfully defuses the bomb, relieving everyone. The ladies hug girish. he too gets emotional and teary eyed. then the police holds up the hand cuffs, and tells girish that he is under arrest, shocking them all. girish is distraught, while the ladies try to protest that he was helpless, due to being in the pressure of anti-social people. the police say that they have arrested karuna and her men, and she has told them that girish too was a part of their team. he denies, and is told that he shall have to prove so in the court. they take him, away while the ladies are shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Registrar’s office
At the registrar’s office, granny does the formal signing off of all the property papers to vibha, and she smiles evilly. Granny again asks vibha to call her men and get the water to stop. She amusedly asks her to relax, and then dials. noone picks up the phone. she starts getting tensed. granny wonders whats wrong.

Scene 3:
Location: Vibha’s hideout
Vibha comes and finds vihaan is the same place as she had left him. She is relieved that she water didnt flow completely. She finds that he is breathing and is just conscious. she instigates him that his real enemy is arushi, who wants to distance him from his wife, Vibha, and that she did all this to kill him. She continues to feed him against arushi. She turns to closing the drain, while vihaan, who has been pretending to be dozing eyes her stealthily. He wonders how much more vibha plans to plot, as her game is over now, since she kept him away from his wife, his children and his mothers, and even tried to kill his children, and as a father, he shall never spare her now. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Vibha organises an auction at Vatsala house. Vibha tells everyone that she wants to sell every and anything in the house shall be sold, and starts off with the pious idols of the gods, while arushi and the mothers are distraught. the bidding begins, and the Mc is about to seal the bid at 25lakhs, when at the final call, someone interrupts him. All, including vibha are boggled to see who it is..

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