Tere Sheher Mein 8th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya seeing the cooker blowing. Sneha, Rachita and Rama’s family rushes to see. Bua gets pulses on her face and hand, and even Amaya’s hand burns. Rachita asks Sneha to see Amaya’s hand burnt. Sneha asks her to come and they leave. Amaya says she was making khichdi. Bua rests and talks to Sumitra. Sumitra says Amaya is senseless. Bua says Amaya does not worry for her mum, so will she worry for Sumitra. Amaya says I felt I have to make khichdi for many people, as you all have many relatives, I don’t know kitchen work well, I will go and try to cook something, shall I?

Bua worries. Amaya asks what was Bua doing there with the salt packet. Don’t you have any answer? Gupta asks them to forget it, and asks Amaya not to step in kitchen now. Amaya says but first rasoi rasam is imp. Gupta says no need, just tough the food, rasam will be fulfilled. He asks Sumitra to manage kitchen, cylinder can blow too. Amaya asks then shall I go. Bua says yes, go from here. Amaya goes out.

Bua says we have to find a solution, Amaya is unlucky. Amaya recalls Gajanand’s words. Rachita comes to her and asks her to come. Rachita goes to apply ointment to her burnt hand, and her new family does not worry about it. Amaya says they don’t know my hand is hurt, I don’t want them to know. Rachita says don’t lie, I know everything, tell me whats happening, you can’t take this step, tell me the truth, you can’t cheat me.

Sumitra comes there. Amaya sees her. She starts acting rude to Rachita. She says I love Rama, I got him, you did not love Rama, so stop asking me. Rachita says I would have helped you. Amaya asks what would you help, I m not like you, to keep crying and think about family, I get what I want, you are still stuck at your old love Rohan, don’t do this acting, I can take care of myself, you can leave. Rachita cries and goes.

Sumitra comes to Amaya and says my bahu is crying, you might be feeling helpless, I m glad you did not let your tongue slip, if you tell truth, I will bring the secret out, you are smart so just be like this. Sumitra goes. Mohini sees Rama coming and tells Bua. The ladies start acting. Rama asks Bua what happened. Bua complains about Amaya. Sumitra says we have to do something of Amaya, else you will lose your mum one day. Rama recalls Amaya’s words.

He gets angry and asks Bua not worry, he will see Amaya, she will remember this all her life. He goes to Amaya. He takes pillow and bedsheet. He holds her hand and drags her outside the room. Sumitra and everyone see. Sumitra goes to see where is Rama taking her. Rama asks Amaya to sleep in storeroom, this is her room. Amaya asks are you mad, I m your wife. Rama asks why did she hurt Bua, now this is her punishment. She says stop. He says save this smartness and ego with you, if you do anything, remember I won’t leave you, now this haveli is of my mum, stay here. Amaya asks Rama to open the door.

Amaya cries. Sumitra says Rama got sense, he made me glad. Amaya asks her to open door. Sumitra says this had to happen with you, if you react, I will tell about Sneha and Rachita’s truth, sleep now. She goes. Amaya cries and says mom… Sneha senses it and gets restless. She stops at the wall and recalls Amaya’s words. Sneha comes back to room and cries. She hugs Rachita. Rachita asks what happened. Sneha says nothing, I will sleep here tonight. Rachita says goodnight. Sneha cries silently.

Sumitra talks to Mohini, Nani and Bua. She says Amaya will get strength from her family. Bua says we can’t leave haveli, what will we do. Sumitra says she has an idea, see I will make the wall formed between both families again. She calls someone and asks the man to send labor, they have to make wall at night. Bua says she is very smart. Nani claps.

Amaya cries in the store room. She recalls her childhood and Sneha pacifying her. Sneha says your dad gifted me this locket, now this will be with you, when you get afraid, hold this, this has my shadow and your dad’s blessings, now smile. Amaya holds the locket and recalls Sneha. She kisses the locket and cries. She sleeps in the store room.

Bua and Sumitra plan to make Amaya’s fun in her mu dikhai and make her drink something.

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