Doli Armaanon Ki 8th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Akash’s residence
While ishaani descends down the stairs, aksh sitting on the sofa, is giving dreamy heroic dialogues, that make ishaani feel like he is saying those for her, but finds that he is merely rehearsing lines. he comments that he is looking very bful. she tells that diya is getting married, and gives the invitation card, and tells about the details. She asks if he shall come, since he appreciates diya. he says that he shall come if she likes it. She says that today is the haldi, and after 3 days its her marriage. he says that he would fix his schedule for her. But just then, his wife comes in and says that he shall not go anywhere or to any party. he asks her not to create a scene, as she works for him. she asks ishaani to stay in her limits of a servant, if she works for him, and not try and get personal. he asks his wife to stop overreacting, and take care of his reputation. she says that she is doing this for that sake only, and then continues to demean ishaani, asking her not to lure him into any traps. he says that she just came to invite him. she asks why was he invited alone, as she as his wife should have been invited too. She says that today she came to the house, to invite him, tomorrow, she shall invite him to the bedroom. ishaani and akash are outraged. she asks ishaani if this is what she wants, and asks her to get lost, or else she calls the security. ishaani leaves hurt. Akash is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Amidst merriment and festivities, diya goes through the haldi ritual, while shaurya is unable to take his eyes off her, as he eyes her lovingly. All enjoy and dance in celebration. Diya too eyes shaurya, as he goes into a dream sequence, of having his haldi ritual with her, and they both enjoying the romance. They are both drawn out of their dream as people enjoy. Chiku comes in and alerts shaurya, and he takes his eyes off her. Damini eyes diya evilly, and thinks that soon her entire glow shall turn down. she asks urmi to scrape off the haldi thats to be sent to urmi, and then sumit’s haldi shall have to be put on diya. urmi cmoplies, pointing out the importance of the rituals. Chiku tells shaurya that if the love is true, then bride leaves at the altar too, and that there’s still time. he asks him to stop messing with his head, and shut up, and stay out of it. urmi gives diya’s haldi to rani and asks her to give it to sumit’s mother who’s upstairs with damini. She complies. Rani accidentally collides with shaurya and the haldi spills on shaurya. all are surprised. the ladies comment as to how this is a weird coincidence, that the bride’s haldi is to be put on the groom, but it went on shaurya instead. urmi asks rani to take off the rest of diya’s haldi and take it up. she complies. shaurya is too shocked to respond. Chiku thinks that even the god wants them to be together and asks shaurya to take this sign. he eyes diya who is tensed.

In her room, damini cxelebrates her vicious plan with sumit’s mother, who gives her her own, her husband and her son’s passports, so that she can get the visa done, and they can get a holiday in Europe for a month. Damini dramatically portrays to the groom’s mother, that she is already envisioning diya dressed as a bride, jilted at the altar, utter humiliated and disgraced, in front of the entire media, much to her evil relief. She says that she started this story, and she shall see to it that it ends as per her plan too. She says that she had promised she would finish off diya, and by the end of the marriage, she would kill diya too. The groom’s mother is amused too. damini says that this was her revenge, as diya is an idiot now, and might have guts but not good fortune. She says that diya doesnt even know what came and hit her, as she is preparing for suicide and not marriage. She is asked how is she sure, that diya shall commit suicide. damini says that she shall see to it, that the story goes according to her plan Meanwhile, Rani hears this from outside the room, and is apalled, and shocked. she wonders what to do about it. Damini eyes rani hearing in the mirror, and rushes after her. rani comes down meanwhile, and shaurya finds her tensed, asking whats the matter. rani says that she has something urgent to speak to urmi only. She tries to search around for urmi. Anirudh too asks whats the matter but she doesnt tell anyone. she keeps searching for urmi. finally, she finds urmi and says that she has something very important to speak, but before she is able to say anything, damini comes in, and asks why she didnt give haldi yet. Urmi asks what she wanted to say. rani keeps trying to say, but damini holds her hand and stops her, asking if she shall givbbe the haldi, or they send her off too. urmi is boggled to find rani sdo tensed, as she has no option but to go to give haldi to sumit’s mother. damini is relieved but furious still.

In her room, diya is lost as she remembers damini’s threat. Urmi, along with anirudh and shaurya come in. She is surprised. Urmi asks her to decide on the jewellery that anirudh has specially designed for her. she is overwhelmed and says that it wasnt needed. they ask her to select and not be formal. She starts crying. In front of urmi and anirudh, shaurya asks diya if she is unhappy with this relationship. Diya breaks down into tears and says that she isnt. All are shocked. They ask her not to feel stranger to them, as they are linked since they consider her as their daughter. diya says that she is lucky she got their love and concern as a family. urmi asks her not to cry, while anirudh jokes that she would need them when she leaves the house. Anirudh and urmi leave when diya smiles. but shaurya stays behind as he still finds diya tensed. he comments that she isnt happy still. She fumbles, but he sees through it, and says that the bride’s glow is something else, which is not visible in her eyes. she blurts out that she has no other option. She says that she isnt happy, but happily lucky. He then points out that the first good guy, and she decided to get married, after one meet. he says that its a wrong decision. she says that he is a good guy who came forward to marry her, knowing her past. Shaurya says that he is coming forward right now, and asks if she would accept him, as he is a pretty good guy. he asks her if she shall marry him. Diya is shocked. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sumit tries to get romantically intimate with diya, while she is at discomfort and expresses it to him. btu he asks her to relax, and leans in to kiss her. She looks away, extremely uncomfortable. Shaurya sees this and comes in asking whats he doing. Sumit casually says that he is just romancing his would be wife. shaurya points out to diya that she is the would be wife, and not his wife yet, and asks him to back off aggressively. diya is tensed at his reaction.

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