Badtameez Dil 8th September 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, suman asks mehar to take elders blessings,mehar does so, abeer signs mehar that she is looking beautiful, sasha says guys lets take a selfie, taiji says all this will take place later now lets begin with ceremony, taiji says suman come with me and tell me what all did u get for shagun, suman goes with taiji.

Abeer sasha mehar nisar busy clicking pictures, taiji looks at the shagun and asks where are gold coins, suman says actually we couldn’t arrange for the coins, taiji says so u managed with cash and thank god i didn’t write for car or else u would adjust with juicer n mixers and laughs,taiji looks at the jewellery and says ur jewelleries are so simple n low cost, suman says i am sorry, taiji says u feel bad all the time i brought u in bcoz i realised there is some problem in shagun, suman says there was less time by marriage i will arrange for everything,servant calls taiji n suman for ceremony,taiji says don’t feel bad i was just taking care of status and one more thing here is new list go through it,suman says ok, taiji says don’t talk abt this list with mehar n abeer we shdnt involve kids in all this matters and also in wedding all shagun will be opened in front of everyone so be careful,suman says i will take care of it,taiji says i know u have just one daughter n u must have arranged things for her wedding day and i hope u didn’t feel bad abt what i said, suman says no its fine and leaves.

Engagement ceremony begins, abeer n mehar exchange rings,mehar sees suman standing far away and abt to go call her, taiji stops and says mehar quick put ring, mehar puts ring, everyone applauds, mehar looks at suman,music starts playing, taiji says this is the happiest day in my sons life cmon louder the music, taiji asks abeer to dance, mehar sees suman very tensed and abt to talk to suman, abeer pulls her to join him dance, everyone starts dancing, bua sees suman tensed and asks what is it, suman says nothing,suman n bua feel happy seeing abeer n mehar happy together.taiji donates 51000 rs in name of abeer n mehar and says give my children blessings and then see what i give in wedding.suman starts feeling insure abt money and taiji makes sure she does by always looking at suman while giving money and showing of status.

Bua asks suman why is she so tensed, suman says abeers taiji takes care of us all the time she is so good but see she gave new list and i am tensed abt ti,bua looks at it and says what one more list, how will we manage this, i think we shd talk abt it to mehar, suman says no don’t abeers taiji said not to involve kids in these matters and she is right too, we shdnt let mehars special day spoil.

Abeer n mehar on phone, abeer says can u imagine how our married life will be, i mean what all will u do to give me that husbands feelings, mehar says i will make u breakfast,lunch, abeer says so topeer will pack my tiffin, mehar says since i am topper i cant cook for u, and abeer u know bcoz of u i am living my dreams, i can see my dreams come true, i am very happy.

Bua says to suman, i agree mehar is very happy with abeer,but she shd know what expenses are gonna take place, suman says we will handle that relax, mehar goes to washroom, and bua n suman enters, suman hides list in drawer, mehar comes out n says abeer i am excited abt me being called mrs abeer malhotra, mehar finds the list in drawer, she reads it and says abeer hold on a minute,mehar remembers sumans tensed face during function, abeer says mehar whats wrong how long shd i wait, mehar says abeer i will call u later, abeer says ok i love u bye.

Mehar walks to bua n suman n hides the list and asks when did u come, and ma why were u so tensed in function, suman says i was just worried for u, u will get married and go away so i was a little emotional, mehar says ma is it reason or this list, suman asks where did u get this, mehar says is this why taiji was behind u and how much is this, its not a joke its so expensive, and how could u not tell me, bua says mehar u don’t get involved in all this, mehar says but this must be affecting u all so much, suman says mehar this is time to give u what u deserve, mehar says no ma,bua says mehar this is for ur happiness,mehar goes in tears, bua says mehar see u are getting married in a big family and we have to maintain their status and they aren’t wrong on their part.

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