Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratima and Sharad bringing Yuvraaj to Suhani’s home. Pratima greets Pankaj and says they have come to take Yuvraaj’s belongings. Pankaj asks them to come inside. Suhani comes for the mehendi function. The neighbor aunty compliments Suhani and asks Bhavna to write Rohan’s name well. Yuvraaj comes there and looks on. The lady asks whats her ex husband doing here with his family, whats the matter. Rohan asks why do you care, just enjoy the function.

He tells her that he will not bear Suhani’s insult by anyone, he did not ask Suhani’s character certificate. He asks the lady to leave from here. Yuvraaj goes to room t get his belongings. Pratima applies mehendi to Suhani’s hand and says its shagun. She blesses Suhani. Lata thanks Pratima for the gift. Pratima says its blessings from a mum to Suhani. Lata asks her to understand.

Sharad and Anuj pack Yuvraaj’s stuff. Anuj asks how can we go like losers. Lata brings divorce papers and gives it to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj signs on the papers. He says he does not like to bring hurdle in anyone’s life. Yuvraaj gives the papers to Suhani. She signs on it. Yuvraaj gets teary eyed seeing Suhani crying. He asks her to first read and sign. She says I did this mistake earlier. She keeps the papers there. Soumya says your mehendi spoiled. Anuj says here Yuvraaj’s life got spoiled. Yuvraaj thanks Pankaj for everything. He says I really hope that their old relation will not break because of new relations. Pankaj hugs him.

Yuvraaj apologizes to Lata. He talks to Bhavna and they all cry. Bhavna thanks him for his support. Yuvraaj says good bye everybody and cries seeing Suhani. He leaves with his family. Suhani cries. Soumya holds her. Sharad says Suhani, I m still your brother, if you need me ever in life, just call me once, I will come. He cries and leaves.

Yuvraaj comes home. Dadi says she is glad to see him back. He asks her not to cry. She asks him not to think much, Suhani will be happy with Rohan. Pratima comes and asks Yuvraaj is he fine. Dadi takes Pratima and asks her whats this, by showing the earrings bill. Menka asks for whom did she buy. Pratima says she gifted it to Suhani, and taunts Rags and Menka.

Dadi asks Pratima to stop it. Suhani is not related to them now. Pratima says Suhani made me realize bahu can become daughter too. Pratima leaves. Menka asks Dadi to listen to her, as Suhani’s marriage can have some issue. Dadi goes. Suhani sees her mehendi and recalls her mehendi function when she was marrying Yuvraaj. Rohan comes and sees her upset. Rohan says he practices in Delhi, so does she have problem to shift there. She says no.

He says you can do job if you get bored at home. She says I will see that later. He thinks to talk to her now or not. She asks does he have to ask anything else. He says yes, I shortlisted few places to go for honeymoon to relax from this tension. Suhani says she will see later. Yuvraaj is annoyed and tells Sharad and Anuj that he did not try his best, so he failed. He cries. Sharad pacifies him. Yuvraaj says Suhani really far from me today. Sharad and Anuj feel bad seeing Yuvraaj crying.

Menka tells Dadi that she is sure Yuvraaj is loving Suhani, he will do something today. Rags mixes something in juice and asks Yuvraaj to drink the juice, he will feel better.

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