Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th September 2015 Written Episode

Madhiam comes down from the stage and says that he does not expect them to play fair but he came to only wish them luck because they will need it to beat him.Nandhani shakes hands with him and as he leaves she realizes that he placed a chewing gum on her hand and she tries lot to get it off.
Nandhani sits with Aryaman and Dhruv and says that what does Maddy or whatever his name is thinks of himself. He called them childish and what he himself did was also childish.
Druv asks who he is because he heard a lot about him and then says that he will beat him in guitar playing. Aryaman points the fact that they will beat him but in the elections and then says that what if they do something that he does not participate in the elections at all. Mukti says that he has a lot of references and that is why he was able to get to participate in the elections. Dhruv gets a massage and when Nandhni ask who texted him he says no one and says that he has to leave. He says that there is no point in telling them because they have moved on. Nandhani says that did his sketch get rejected even this time. He says that what is the point in telling them and he will manage.
Naviya calls Nandhani and is very excited and asks her to wish her luck without telling her the reson and after she gets her demand fulfilled she tells Nandhani that she is going take the interview of Shaid kappor and Aaliya Baghat. Nandhani hearing this also shouts and then says that when will it be on air and Naviya says that she will tell her.
Naviya is taking the interview and also takes a selfiee with them.
Nandhani is thinking about the moments she spent with Manik and also laughs at them while writing them and also says that she wants to do it for Manik and only for him.
Naviya is staring at the bottle of the oil and says that she will apply it to look good because she has an interview a week after and she will do her best.
Nyonika tells everyone that the elections are about to begin and so calls Harshad to give a point on his agenda.he comes and gives a long speech about the things that he will provide and gets a greater response from the audience.
Nandhani comes and also tries to instigate the students towards him she then gives an idea which also gives her an audience.
Nyonika is about to call Madhiam when suddenly he disturbs her announcement and comes to the stage to make a small speech but gets taunted and leaves.

Precap: Madhiam is making a beard on Nandhani’s face and she comes and asks that does he think that he will win the elections by making faces on their posters. Madhiam challenges her that if she loses then she will walk around the academy with a beard on her face. Nandhani also says that if he loses then he will walk with cow dung on his face.

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