Swaragini 9th September 2015 Written Episode

Ragini informs Parineeta that Adarsh don’t want to go on a trip. Parineeta says I know. Swara comes to Shekhar and calls him Baba……Shekhar asks her not to call him Baba and says he prefers to be childless rather than to called as her father. Swara says you think Ragini is right. Shekhar says his believe is firm. Swara tells she will expose Ragini and unite them. Shekhar says they will never be united. Swara says I will go to any extent to unite you both, already I am bad in your eyes.

Dadi tells Mahila Samita might get them arrested. Shekhar says let Sumi come home, she will be family member but not my wife. He asks her to understand and says if Sumi’s mum gives written complaint then it will be trouble for them. Dadi gets angry and just then she gets Ragini’s call. Ragini cries and tells her that Durga Prasad allowed Swara and Sanskar to stayed in the tent kept in the lawn. She says Laksh cancelled the trip with her also. Dadi informs her that they have to bring Sumi home. She asks her to concentrate on home. Ragini says you are right, I have to make place in family members heart and disconnects the call.

Shekhar comes to Dida’s house and asks Sumi to come. The Mahila Samita women ask Sumi to call them whenever she is in trouble. Shekhar says it will not be needed. The Mahila Samita women ask Shekhar to maintain peace at home. Shekhar tells Sumi that his heart has changed, they will stay under the same roof not as husband and wife, but as strangers. Swara tells Sumi that everything will be fine. Sanskar follows her. Dida prays. Sanskar tells Swara that he don’t have any handkerchief anymore. Swara says how can be so selfish to ruin own parents’ happiness. She says Maa was hurt hearing Baba’s words, and determines to bring Ragini’s truth infront of everyone. Sanskar asks are you sure? Swara says yes. Sanskar says we will surely be successful, and goes to bring car.

Adarsh talks to a woman and says that he loves only her, and not his wife. He says you know well that I married forcibly. He hugs the woman. The woman says you always convince me. Swara sees Adarsh hugging the woman and confessing to love her. She is shocked. Adarsh asks her to meet him in Room no 124. Sanskar comes. Swara informs him that Adarsh was seen with a woman, and tells he is having an affair. Sanskar says it was not Adarsh’s car. She says she saw his face and that’s why saying this. She says he said that he don’t love his wife, but her. Sanskar says I trust you. Swara says he was going to meet her today. Swara gets Dida’s call. Sanskar says we shall go to Baadi now. Sumi gets ready to go to Shekhar’s house. Swara and Sanskar comes back. Swara asks Sumi to come as Shekhar is waiting. Shekhar stops Swara from stepping in his house, and tells your daughter can’t come to my house. Swara asks Sumi to go and hugs her. Sumi goes inside with her baggage. Swara turns and collides with Sanskar. Sanskar tells Swara that everything will be alright. He gets a call and says Sujata is ill so he has to go home.

Shekhar behaves indifferently with Sumi and goes to his room. Dadi taunts Sumi. Sumi asks shall I help you? Dadi asks her to cut fine onions with the knife. She tortures her and asks her not to cut her finger. She says last time when you came, you were Shekhar’s wife, but now nobody. She says I am your saas and you will get scared seeing me. Sumi looks on.

Parineeta tells that Swara told that Adarsh is having an affair with a woman. Swara tells Adarsh is going to meet her in the hotel. They go to the hotel and rings the bell.

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