Tere Sheher Mein 9th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sumitra waking up Amaya. She says its Banaras and here people wake up at 4am. She says its her mu dikhai today and asks her to take a dip in water. Sumitra asks Amaya to take this saree and wear it, then when she returns, she can wear another saree, if she acts smart or take any shortcut to avoid her, and warns about Sneha and Rachita’s truth. Amaya cries and goes to the ghat temple. She takes a dip in the water. Mantu sees Amaya sneezing and feeling cold, while being on the way. She sees Mantu.

He takes the bedsheet which fell there. He says I know Amaya, we don’t have things in our hand, destiny has something else written, but we should answer our loved ones, they have right to know why and what happened. She takes the bedsheet and says she will not answer anyone. She says she is his best friend’s Rama’s wife and asks him to remember. She leaves.

Amaya comes home in wet clothes. Bua asks Amaya to take blessings from Sumitra. Sumitra asks her to take blessings from Nani. Amaya sneezes and takes blessings from everyone. Sumitra taunts her that Sneha did not give her these values, but now she will teach her. She takes her along and shows the wall. She says she has broken her relation with her family, and got this wall made at night. Amaya is shocked

Pushpa cries and tells Sneha about the wall made again in few hours. Sumitra scolds Amaya. Sneha asks Pushpa not to worry, the relations broke and its for good, don’t be sad. She asks Rachita to take Pushpa inside. Amaya thinks its good, mum will not see my state, if Sneha, Rachita and Jaz saw this, they would have been sad. Sumitra asks her to wear rasam saree and get ready. She says guests are coming, don’t take much time, geyser is not working, so you have to take bath by cold water. Amaya goes. Mohini says she has removed geyser connection, now Amaya will get fever.

Rama calls Mantu and asks him to come home to meet him. Mantu says no, I m busy, I have to go market to get few things. He ends call. Rama says I heard temple rings and Mantu is saying he is busy. Amaya comes sneezing. Rama does not care and leaves. Bua and Sumitra see Amaya getting ready nand plan against her. Bua says you go and show some pity to Amaya. She asks Mohini to come. Mohini gives the kada. Bua asks Sumitra to give kada to Amaya, just go and make her drink this. Sumitra smells it and says its wine mixed in this. Bua says so what, will you mix love in it. Bua says it will be fun to see Amaya making joke on herself, Rama will hate Amaya. Sumitra smiles.

They all go to Amaya and ask her to have Kaka. Sumitra acts sweet and asks Amaya to drink it, her cough and cold will go away. Amaya drinks it. Sumitra thinks now it will be fun, lets see how her nose gets cut. She asks Amaya to come fast, guests will be coming. Sumitra leaves.

Amaya gets ready. Sumitra brings Amaya infront of the guests and tells her to smile. She says this is my bahu Amaya. The lady asks Amaya, but we got card and Rachita’s name was written. Sumitra says what to say, its fate. Nani tells Sumitra that this is right time for Rama to come. The lady see Amaya’s face and smile. The lady says Amaya is lucky to become this house’s bahu. Amaya gets angry and lifts the ghunghat. She asks them to see her face, and is drunk. She says she is lucky to get a mum in law like Sumitra. Bua asks Sumitra to see how Amaya is making fun of them, the family is losing respect.

Amaya says Sumitra loves me a lot, she makes me sleep with big rats, I don’t get sleep, I don’t get scared, I m strong. The lady asks Sumitra who is she behaving, does they make Amaya sleep in store room. Amaya asks the lady to have sweets. Sumitra tells Bua that Amaya is making their plan flop. Bua says let Rama come, then our plan will become hit.

Bua asks Rama to see his wife. Amaya scolds Rama and asks him not to take a step ahead.

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