Sasuraal Simar Ka 10th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar thinks that Mohini agreed to play this game, now i will save everyone, she takes Prem from there and starts going towards mandir, Pri stops her, Simar says this is between me and Mohini, no one will come inbetween us, Sunanda says you can go anywhere but not in mandir, you have only one minute, how will you save Prem, Simar moves Prem’s wheelchair and takes him to room, her one minute ends, Mohini opens her eyes and ask Simar are you ready? i am coming, now i will find everyone in 30minutes, she looks at closed door and goes towards it, Simar is inside with Prem, Mohini says i dont think Simar is that much fool that she will hide them here, i will first find them upstairs, she goes upstairs, Simar thinks how to protect Prem, she opens room’s door and comes out, she ties Mata rani’s chunri on door, Mohini looks at it from upstairs and says wow your mind is great, you saved your husband by this Chunri but we will see if you can save your other family members, she starts finding upstairs, Simar is stunned and goes upstairs too, she comes infront of Mohini, Mohini ask what happened are you fine? its difficult to find three people in such big house, i will have to think hard but i think nothning is better than hiding someone in your room but you are smart so you wont have hidden them there, you would have hidden them in ushc a place which i cant think of like Pri’s room, right? you must have thought that Pri is in my team now so i wont check her room, i will check it now, Mohini goes to Pri’s room, Simar comes there too, Mohini ask where are three? Mohini says to Simar that i think i will lose as this is your house, you know about it, i will make this game equal rightnow, she starts doing black magic, Simar says this is cheating. Amar says i will go upstairs, Sunanda holds his hand and says dont cheat in game, this is between Mohini and Simar.

Scene 2
Simar ask Mohini to stop it, Siamr says this is wrong, you cant cheat like this, Mohini says i am not a serial’s goody goody daughter in law, i am dayaan and i will do what i think is right, she starts doing black magic, Simar holds her but get current, Mohini looks at picture on wall and smirks, she takes picture off from wall and finds secret door in wall, he opens it and find pots, Simar is tensed. Khushi and Amar traps Sunanda and Pri, they tie them but Mohini comes out of room and says i won, Mohini comes downstairs with pots, she says i have come so free Pri and Sunanda as its of no use, Khusi frees them, Sunanda ask Mohini to kill them all, Pri says yes, Mohini says they have done what they wanted but i won the game so i will do what i want now, Mohini ask Simar, Mataji and everyone to see these pots of Roli, Sid and Anjali for last time, she throws pots in air, simar and Mataji screams no, all look on shocked, the pots are flying in air, they dont fall, Mohini ask simar to look pots as my hand will get tired and if i take my hand down then these pots will fall too, Simar looks at pots, Mataji ask what are you doing? we did what you wanted, what you want now? Mohini says dont spoil my mood, my game has not finished, alot is remaining, she smirk,

PRECAP- Mohini says to Simar that you think i cheated in game? i will give you chance, go and catch these pots, all family runs to save pots that are floating in air, Amar catches one pot but falls down, pot breaks.

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