Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 10th September 2015 Written Episode

Nandhni says that they should get serious. She says that he must be onto something and that they should not underestimate him. Mukti requests her to not take so much tension because he will not be able to do anything. She says that she asked Ammes send her the list of the big names in india and tomorrow they will come to support their campaign.
Aryaman and Dhruv come and he says that he has the posters ready and also worked outa slogan Believe in Honesty on this Mukti makes fun of Nandhani which cheers up the mood and so they begin to place the posters.
Harshad’s boys place their posters on top of Nandhani’s posters but Aryaman removes their posters and tears them apart.
Madhiam singhani sees Nandhani posers and is making a beard when she comes and they almost get into a fight. He says that if he wins she will have to walk around the academy with a beard on her face and she says that if she wins then he will have to place cow dung on his face.
Some new guys come and are amazed to see the new equipment and they asks Harshad some questions. He tells one of them to put his hand in the fan and makes him cry there Aryaman and Nandhani come and are able to stop him and make him leave.
Nandhani goes to Nyonika and says that a lot of students have filed a complained against Harshad. Nyonika says that she will look into the matter and when Nandhani leaves she tears the paper. Harshad comes and they both make a plan but Nyonika says that she will blacklist the fab5 members as they have not submitted the song so she will blacklist them and they will not be able to campaign and then nandhani will be left alone.
Dhruv is talking on the phone with someone and he says to him that he liked his voice so why is he not using his voice the phone is then dis connected and he leaves. Nandhani calls him frombehind but he wals away.
Harshad sits with the new students and scares them so much that they are forced to accept his demands. Then he tells them to fetch some coke and as they are gong they stop by Madham and he says that they have to do as he tells but to notbe afaid as he will be there. He calls to Hashad and says that he is not doing good by scaring the new students because then he will have no one to celebrate his victory with. Harshad says that victory comes from power and he has many Madhiam pretends that he is affected by his talks and leaves.
There is a shooting going on and the actor is not able to perform and then Dhruv comes and asks that why is he not singing the gingle that he created but the manager says that o2 has complained against him and space has also blacklisted him so he can have no mor jobs. The performer is not able to do so and then Dhruv performs which is liked by all the members.
They come back with Harshad’s eatables and also gives them a tip but when he opens his face is filled with ketchup and they all laugh at him. Madhiam comes and takes a picture and Harshad gets up to beat just then they hear an announcement to come to the main hall.
Nandhani and Harshad are sitting in the hall but there is no Madhiam and no freshers but when he comes leading all the freshers he gets the majority of the support and is liked by everyone so Nandhani is forced to take him seriously.
Nandhani is walking and Madhiam comes and taunts her and says that she will not be able to go home alone . he says that there was a car blast three months ago and Manik who was in the car will never come back and then he says that he wanted to ask her to give a lift but is she is not intrested then he can go and so he leaves.

Precap:Nandhani is climbing the stairs and Madhiam taunts her and she leaves. Aryaman seeing this pushes Madhiam against the wall and says that he has feelings for Nandhani as he can see it in his eyes.

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